Join the Peaceful Event – International Love, Read and Spread Holy Quran Day on Millatfacebook (MFB)

You might be aware that Mark Zukerberg’s Facebook admin has unfortunately been following an anti-islamic policy in violation of all laws and ethics including those setout by its own terms of use.

After supporting the ridicule of Prophet Muhammad PBUH, attacking Islam, “celebrating” Draw Allah Day (Nauzbillah) now the Zionist owned, Islamophobic Facebook administration is supporting a “Burn Quran Day” organised by a particular USA Church. All this despite several protests by millions of its users and in violation of its OWN terms of use yet AGAIN  ……….. just to attack Muslims and stir up hatred amongst humanity by propagating Islamophobia.

We urge all decent and peace-loving people, Muslims, Christians, Jews (all Jews are NOT zionists) and people of all faiths to come and join us for this PEACEFUL EVENT on MFB and show their solidarity.

We will celebrate an International Love, Read and Spread Holy Quran Day on 10th and 11th September on the first and leading social network by Muslims where decent people of all faiths are welcome, the MFB

Please come join and show your love for Humanity and/or Holy Quran. Invite all in your circle.

Let us all unite and show the corrupted administration of Zionist owned Islamophobic FB that they are NOT God. Enough is Enough. This is the time to rise for the sake of Humanity.

Please spread the message and invite everyone. Together we CAN and we WILL WIN InshAllah

Join in:

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