THEIR CRIES ……. THEIR CRIMES (A Poem – A Cry – A Warning)

This poem was written on the crimes against Dr. Afia, her kids, Murwa (Shahida-e-Hijab), innocent girls abused by Punjab Police and some other major female abuses in the backdrop of the hypocrisy of foreign funded NGO’s especially when compared to the scene they created on the SWAT whipping, which is now alleged to be a fabricated incident.

It than warns against the consequences of not changing these rogue attitudes.


In the darkest hours of low emotions
Came rays of hope from devotion

For the whipped girl of Swat
NGO’s people came out in large

We were so happy we were so glad
What a “revolution” against those “mad”

Nobody saw through the veil of deceit
The way it was planted to ruin the peace

Who got the tapes, how were they made
Don’t ask questions or you will be framed ……………

But where are the voices for Dr. Afia
The innocent prisoner with the US “mafia”

Where are her kids, wiped off the earth
Like nameless souls who never existed

Who’s gonna protest for the innocent Murwa
Killed for wearing her Hijab and burqa

In a courtroom of justice filled with people
Attacked by an Anglo-Saxon, without hesitation

What was the crime of her unborn baby
Killed in cold blood with her fearless mother

We must salute German police’s courage though
They shot her husband at point-blank, Oh there you go …….

How dare he try to save his wife
From the attacker, Alex the “white” ……………..

And when are we going to stand up for the girls
Kidnapped and gang raped by our own police-men

Taken from their weddings, oh that’s so fair
Just because they are poor and have nowhere?

Served to officers as trophies
Where are the NGO’s and their lobbies????

Were all the cries just to revoke peace deals
So as to serve foreign interests and get more meals

Why can’t you hear the cries of young girls
Buried alive in the name of honour

Or those innocent ones put to death
In front of their family and friends

With hunter dogs feasting on their bodies
And guilty Sardar with his men went free

Than he got rewarded too and became a minister
Mind you, he’s in President’s good books Mister ………………….

Are these women not worthy of respect
Do they need to be western by descent

Stop this hypocrisy and raise your voice
Or you will face what you so much fear

Either wake up and mend your ways
Or get ready for bloody pathways

For injustices can only survive this much
Fear the day justice will touch

The skies will see this for sure
Changing equations and much much more …………………………

MFB is fully BACK- Global Media confirms MFB is a “HIT”

Congratulations to all. Millat Facebook is back, better and faster. We are still running some security checks but have fully opened it up. The entire MFB team would like to thank every single member and the supporters for the immense support and look forward to uniting all the muslims and decent people of all faiths on the platform now termed as the future of online social networking ….. Decent, Secure, User Privacy Protected and Enriched.

As they say truth and facts speak for themselves. No matter how much anyone tries to hide them, they come out in the open.

Below are some selections from dozens of Media reports showcasing what the World Media has to say about Millat Facebook, starting from most recent and ranging from confirming MFB’s popularity to declaring it a HIT. It is there for all to see.

In addition, all the common queries re MFB are also  addressed in the Interview with the Hindustan Times and the Broadcast of Radio Netherlands Worldwide.

Let the truth illuminate the darkness of lies and doubts. Please feel free to spread this and source back.

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