Six Vital Leadership Qualities – Summary Outline

a). Self-Mastery: maximizing personal potential.

  • The keys to sustaining credibility, even in the face of skepticism.
  • Identifying and using the power of shared values.
  • The most overlooked factor in professional growth and how you can use it right away.

b). Stewardship: the strategic deployment of resources.

  • The leader’s only three resources: everyone has them but leaders make history with them.
  • Developing the power of focus.
  • Creating shared focus, taking your followers along with you.

c). Visionary: creating the future.

  • Developing a forward agenda: leave mere goals behind with this little-known tool.
  • How to go from being creative to innovative.
  • The risk myth: how leaders handle risk differently than assumed.

d). Persuasive Communication: selling the vision.

  • Helping others see the vision with clear communication.
  • Three keys to persuasion: without these, you’re just telling instead of selling.
  • Fostering positive discontent for positive results.

e). Teamwork: enabling followers to fully cooperate and collaborate.

  • The power strategy for developing a team of leaders.
  • The importance of shared respect.
  • A blueprint for making teamwork work.

f). Service: Fulfilment through contribution.

  • How to get and stay motivated when you’re the motivator.
  • Knowing when the price you pay is too high, and what to do about it.
  • The six most common reasons why leaders fail, and how you can keep them from side-lining you.

The key traits and fundaments of leadership and leaders:

1. Trusting (Delegation)


3. Effective and Creative Communications

4. Squinting with Ears

5. Facilitating not Overtaking – Problem Solving

6. Determination and Stamina

7. Effective Time Management

8. Leading by Example – Maintaining Technical Competence

9. Disciplinary Standards

10. Caring

11. Visionaries

12. Controlling Ambitions and Egos

13. Planning and Effective Executions

14. Motivating

15. Approachable

16. Being Human – Using Humor

17. Strong Decision Power

18. Self-Appraisal

19. Reliable

20. Open-Minded

21. Maintaining Dignity

22. Generous and Magnanimous

23. Commanding Respect

24. Appreciating Positive Criticism

25. Maintaining sense of intimidation

26. Learns from Mistakes

27. Ensures Diversity

28. Exudes Integrity

Managers vs Leaders

  • Managers have employees | leaders win followers.
  • Managers react to change | leaders create it.
  • Managers have good ideas | leaders implement them.
  • Managers communicate | leaders persuade.
  • Managers control groups | leaders create teamwork.
  • Managers try to be heroes | leaders create heroes all around them.

Hectic Schedule & HOPE

Dear All,

As much as I’d hate to, unfortunately there’s been a bit of delay in catching up with you all due to the hectic schedule of late. There was a seminar on Sunday followed by some lectures, meetings and other formal assignments.

Despite all odds, it is so refreshing to see the competitive will and the desire of the youth to succeed. This is indeed an asset and will take Pakistan forward.

On a different note, the IPL drama has resulted in hue & cry from all sectors of Pakistan. It’s iconic how a nation can take it’s eye off a sworn and proven enemy and then rue the losses. It is indeed a universal truth that peace can only be achieved through power and preparation. No doubt Holy Quran has asked us to always be prepared in the best possible ways.

Let’s end on this note that Hope keeps Us Alive & Fear Kills Us. So be hopeful for yourself, your family and your country. We all have the potential and we will take our country forward.

Meer & Mir Consultants – Mr. Omer Zaheer Meer (Partner & Senior Consultant)

Mr. Omer Zaheer Meer is highly qualified and experienced professional consultant who has worked with senior bureaucrats, national & international corporations in addition to small and medium-sized enterprises. His brief profile is as below:


  • Finance, Investment & Management Professional
  • Leading Public Relations, HR Development and Strategic Consultant
  • Lecturer/Guest Speaker/Trainer (Corporate and Public Sector)


  • Strategic Planning
  • Financial Management
  • Financial Analysis & Control
  • Investment Analysis and Management
  • Public Finance Optimization
  • Public Relations
  • Change Management and
  • Leadership & Management Skills

NB: Experience accumulated by working in top management and consulting positions with leading Multi-National and British companies as well as in Public Sector based in the international Financial Hub of London


  • ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) – UK
  • PRIMA (Professional Risk Managers’ International Association) – USA
  • UKSIP (UK Society of Investment Professionals) – UK
  • Certified Accounting Technician (CAT) – UK
  • CFAI (Chartered Financial Analyst Institute) – USA
  • MPDD (Management & Professional Development Department) – Pak
  • Meer & Mir Consultants (Senior Consultant & Partner) – UK
  • Global IT Vision (Pvt) Ltd (CFO)


Academic & Professional

  • BSC (HONS) in Applied Accounting from Oxford Brookes University (UK)
  • ACCA – Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, UK
  • CAT – Certified Accounting Technician, UK
  • CFA – Chartered Financial Analyst, USA (Finalist)


  • Anti – Money Laundering Course  (by UHY Hacker Young, UK)
  • Customer Service Management Certificate (Co-Certified by SMEDA and LCCI)


  • Leadership. Change Agent. Strategic Thinker. Creative. Adaptable
  • Excellent communication skills. Time Management Skills
  • Self-confident. Motivated. Challenger
  • Tolerance Power. Patience
  • Honesty and Integrity. Problem-solving Skills
  • Technology savvy. Computer Literate
  • Excellent Communication Skills
  • Initiative, intelligence, and Innovation
  • Team Member as well as Leader
  • Wizard with mathematics. Details Oriented
  • Total Commitment, Utter Devotion and Dynamic Energy
  • Aptitude for Figures and an Analytical Mind
  • Multilingual. Command on English and Urdu amongst others
  • Customer Focused and Value Creation centred
  • Global Outlook


  • Research and Analysis Project: “An Analysis of the Financial Situation of an Organisation”
  • Who’s Who Profile published in a leading British Financial Analysts Publication – “The Professional Investor”
  • Feature on Financial Issues Published in Professional Investor – “Credit Crunch – Reasons and the Way Forward”
  • Wrote columns in various other publications including but not limited to Aawaaz Daily, Aawaaz International (Leading Asian Community Publications in London)
  • Distinctions at National and International levels in several subjects in the Chartered Certified Accountancy assessments
  • Conducting training of Senior Bureaucrats under the Mandatory Promotion Training Programs

Please feel free to interact:

E-Mail: /



Interactive Training Lecture on Leadership – Sunday, 17th Jan 2010

As part of our awareness programs, we at Meer & Mir Consultants offer high quality, professional and practical interactive training sessions and lectures. These are normally part of the series of professional development programs conducted for various Banks, Businesses, Govt. Departments, Political Parties, e.t.c.

The speaker is Mr. Omer Zaheer Meer, Senior Consultant and Partner at Meer & Mir Consultants. Please click on the link on the left hand side “About – Omer Zaheer Meer”  to know more about the speaker.

The offering is for LIMITED SEATS strictly on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVE basis with a nominal registration fee to ensure that only serious participants reserve a place. To reserve your place and/or for further information, please contact us:

Mr. Usman / Mr. Ishaq

SD 59,

Falcon Complex, Opp Center Point,

Lahore Pakistan

Contact No:  042-5925059

0322-421 9292

Meer & Mir Consultants – Mr. Shahid Ahmad (Junior Consultant)

He is a relatively junior but still a very experienced and highly qualified consultant from the Financial & Investment Hub of London.


Over 5 years plus experience in Public Relations and Investment and Financial Analysis gained in reputable Corporations based in London


o Investment Management Certificate (IMC)
o BSc – Mathematics with Business Management, Queen Mary, University
of London

Professional Associations:

o  FSA (Financial Services Authority) – UK

o CFAI (Chartered Financial Analyst Institute)