Is “Left” the new “Right”?

It all started after the 9/11 fiasco and the “historic” declaration by Bush that “Either you are with us or you are with the “Terrorists”, without defining what was a “Terrorist” and thereby leaving the ground open to play as it would suit their vested interests.

However there was a wider implication that started taking shape in the wider Muslim “world” and more so in the minds of those caught in the middle of the storm, the Pakistanis.

As is always the case, the elite started following the “Enlightened Moderation” slogan by the then CEO and now accused “Devil” of Pak, Mr. Musharraf. This trickled down to the masses and the middle class. This created a new left, claiming to be liberal Muslims. Initially it was good in the sense that it made people think and question. But than it started verging on the fences of self-bashing. Islamic morals were seemed not to be fit for the modern age, ridiculed and laughed at.  There was everything and anything wrong with Pakistan specially if coming out from the West, authenticity or critical appraisal were not important anymore.

The effects still haven’t receded after almost 9 Long Years. Even today a controversial writer would write a piece with a disclaimer that it is based on the interviews (and hence perceptions of) the (hostile) Afghan officials and Nato commanders, and not surprisingly would be picked up by the international media to “prove” the “guilt of Pakistan. Suggesting the Pak Army and Intelligence is somehow behind the scenes in the Mayhem in the country is like suggesting to Indians that their Establishment carried out the Mumbai Attacks. Just imagine the response you would get. Still interestingly it found vocal support amongst some segments of the self-depreciating Pakistanis.

Let me share one particular incident from just last year, while in London, there was news in the media that a Muslim guy raped an innocent Christian girl and then killed her. It resulted in extreme Islam and Pakistan bashing for almost a week untill the police declared that the guy was actually a mentally disturbed person of Christian faith. And guess what? Let alone an apology not even a single media outlet bothered to run the clarification.

Let us now move to East London to see another interesting incident that happened in this “Muslim area” of London termed as a “Muslim Ghetto” indirectly by the ex-PM Mr. Brown.

A Masjid was planned to be built there in line with all the applicable laws and regulations. It wasn’t of any particular sect or involved with any political party and the project was in the pipeline for several months. The funding was to be done by the “Tabligi Jamat” (Preachers’ Group).

Come time to gain the final planning permission and suddenly there was a big outcry, initially started by the White-supremists but later on joined in by guess who?………… ………. None other than the infamous self-bashing “Liberal” Muslims specially of Pakistani descent. They not only started leading the campaign but some signed petitions that they have “serious concerns that this Masjid would result in their children being radicalized“. The fate was than sealed. It was to be shelved, atleast for the time being. This was what a prominent Pakistani British, ex-councillor had to tell me:

Ok now a Masjid will radicalize your Children?



That I don’t know but I don’t want our “perception” to be “badly affected” by having a Masjid in our area.

Well, your son just last week was arrested for a drunken brawl after an all night party, doesn’t that give you a “bad image”?

I don’t need to give explanations to people. It wasn’t his fault.

What? . Give me a break. So the actual issue is that you are concerned people would hate you for being a practicing Muslim but being an anti-social element doesn’t even create an issue for you.

Let’s now move to North London, home to the biggest Jewish community in the whole of UK. Shamon (not his real name) is walking in the garden with the traditional skull-cap, a beard and the long black Jewish dress with his little daughter. He works in a leading bank.

Don’t you have issues at work due to your appearance?

No. Why should I. I’m competent at what I do.

Ok but don’t you worry what others will think of you?, you look so .. err. …. traditional

(Laugh) You mean fundamentalist. Well, this is my faith and no one has a right to judge me. Do I laugh at them? Than why should they have a problem with my way of life.

But what about your daughter. You wouldn’t want her to be influenced by extreme ideas?

As I said this is my faith. And my daughter would be better in the hands of God than the hands of people.

So much assured and confident, despite the worst persecution of the Jewish faith for centuries, for whatever reasons. I wonder if Muslims specially a Pakistani Muslim would have the same confidence and faith to stand tall amid the criticism.

The culture, religion and heritage of a person is not only their identity but defines essentially what they are. Changing that due to some misconceptions is as low as it can get. One should try to clarify the misconceptions rather than give in. We owe it to our forefathers, our future generations and ourselves. It is something the new “left” should learn from the Jews.

Left has been the term to refer to the liberals and right for the “religious fundamentalists”. However with the new times the left is effectively becoming the new right, void of confidence and logic, self-pitying and trying to appease others in the fear of being declared an outcast.

I remember being told once that Fear kills the abilities of a person by taking away the faith and confidence. And I can say confidently that I’ve seen plenty of examples.

Misconceptions re MFB & Islam – Reply to Mr. Patel from India

Dear Mr. Patel,
Thanks for the appreciation and please find below the answers to your questions:

1. Congratulations for bring the latest news about MFB and keeping us entertained, was is a big gaffe on your part by using the Facebook Blue in the early days of Millat Facebook? What prompted you to change to green?

Thank You Mr. Patel. There have been and will be constant improvements. Green is the color of peace and harmony which is also our message for everyone.

We are Muslims, Ambassadors of PEACE and we are NOT terrorists

Furthermore as your question seem to stem from the popular misconception that MFB was meant to be a FB clone, which is not true, let me dwell on this a bit more.

The theme is certainly different, the logos and color scheme are unique. There are many different, additional and better features. However, there may be a similar feel due to some common basics all social networking platforms have. It’s just like asking Toyota or BMW why they have an accelerator or gear box when Mercedes have them too. Well, these are the basic essentials but their designs, models and basically the products are different.

Same is the case with Millat Facebook.

2. How do you define sweet people of other religion? Is there some taster (like wine taster) in your organization?

This question is already answered in the blogs and in an interview with the Executive Editor of Hindustan Times, Mr. Gautam Chikermane as below:

Who will define who a “sweet” person from other religions is?

  • No-one needs to, as it is already defined by the socially accepted norms.
  • All the things a decent person would not do in real life should also not be done sitting behind a computer.
  • Islam has a fundamental principle that asks humans to treat their fellow humans just the way they would like to be treated themselves.
  • Therefore we all should exercise our freedoms with care, consideration and concern for our fellow human beings. Freedom is not and therefore should not become an assault on others.

3. Will there be a segregation of sexes? Because as far as I know it is not allowed for men and women to mix freely unless they are related as per Islamic social values. &
4. What is different here that you will offer from Facebook apart from anticipated censorship of any caricature of religious figures? (mainly Islam).

“Basically the objective is to provide a platform for all people, not only Muslims, but nice and decent people of all faiths, to come together and interact in a decent way that is socially responsible by providing them all the freedom of expression, however respecting each others’ sensitivities and faiths. This would allow the decent people to interact without any fear of abuse, hate-mongering and attacks and try to better understand and interact with each other.

[Facebook] seems to allow mockery of religions it has an issue with… The caricatures of the prophet Mohammed were uploaded, and instead of taking any consideration and action, they came out and said they were supporting it.”

Moreover, unlike Mark’s FB that shares its data with NSA (which ends up with CIA for FB users profiling), we have ensure the privacy and security of our members data is upheld to the extent that some of the most private data cannot even be accessed by Administrators and in any case it is and will never be shared with anyone.

In addition to all the above, unlike Mark’s FB, Millat facebook offers the best, most secure and straightforward privacy settings for its members. FB on the other hand has been doing contrary to that despite its members’ constant protests.

5. As you are inviting sweet people of other religions, then would MFB also launch a campaign for Islam followers to accept other religions and learn to respect them. Would you create a page to pressurize Saudi King to allow building temples, churches and synagogues in Saudi Arabia?

Although beyond the scope of MFB, I’d answer your question in the best interest of inter-faith understanding.

Islam teaches that all humans are the children of Adam and Eve and hence are cousins. Those who embrace Islam than become a part of the Islamic Brethren. All Muslims love all humans including non-Muslims (Yes and you might be surprised at this due to popular misconceptions). Now Muslims believe that our non-Muslim cousins are misguided yet are sensitive to their religious sensitivities. Therefore per Islamic orders non-Muslims are allowed to practice their faith freely non-publicly. This is because of the reasons mentioned below:

  • Muslims, despite believing that our non-Muslim cousins are misguided, respect their right to their religious sensitivities and beliefs.
  • As per Islam, Muslims DO NOT insult our non-Muslim cousins, their religion and Idol Gods (as applicable), despite knowing that they are misguided and their beliefs largely false, just for the sake of harmony and respecting their beliefs.
  • Islam and therefore Muslims love all humans and our non-Muslim cousins. Now as per Islam they are proceeding towards eternal failure and hell fire. Islam doesn’t want that for them.
  • We want them to be successful and rather lead us into Heavens. Therefore Islam directs believers to spread the message of peace (Islam) and call all to the One true God (Allah) and eternal success.
  • As there is no pressure in religion (unlike popular non-Muslim misconception), an environment needs to be created for our non-Muslim cousins so that they can find it less difficult socially to heed to the call of their True and ONLY creator.
  • This is the reason why Islam, though respects and allows the practice of the religion and beliefs of our cousins at personal levels, it is not allowed for them to do this publicly in an Islamic Country so that it is easier for those non-Muslim cousins who want to come to the true path to embrace success.
  • In addition, it ensures, that while having all the religious freedom to freely exercise their religion personally, our non-muslim cousins as well as the “Muslim State”  do not indulge in the further sin of misguiding others or stopping someone from heeding to the call of their own creator as Devil’s best weapons include deception, false pretences and material & social fears.

I hope this answers your questions and that you will consider them with an open heart and mind. Once again thanks for your interest and the queries and please feel free to ask again re any more that you may have.

Kind Regards,

Omer Zaheer Meer
ACCA (UK), BSc (Hons) (UK), CAT (UK), Adv. Financial Diploma (UK), Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (UK)
& Certified CSM (LCCI & SMEDA – PAK)

Professional Associations:

Express Tribune – Controlled by its Jewish Partners? An open email by a MFB member

Following is an email received from a Millat Facebook member, which got us quite surprised. It is reproduced below in the interests of public awareness, without any modifications.

What do you think about this, are they really controlled by Jews or is it just unprofessionalism by one of their bloggers?.

Disclaimer: This does not necessarily represent the views of the blogger or MFB.


Express Tribune (Pak) is controlled by Mr. Arthur Ochs Sulzberger. Jr. the Jewish owner of  its partner Herald Tribune

Dear Mr. Meer,

Congratulations to you and your team on a positive and great effort. Though initially I had some reservations with a pro-Islamic social network, I’m now very much clear that this is a positive step by Muslims and would foster decency and greater understandings between religions.

MFB is a great effort by any standard considering it’s still in infancy. Having followed the progress of MFB very closely I was very surprised by the constant MFB bashing by Express Tribune. This led me to do some research of my own. I found some very interesting facts which may be of interest to you and MFB members.

  • I found out that Express Tribune is affiliated with the International Herald Tribune,
  • which is part of the NewYork Times Company,
  • whose CEO is Mr. Arthur Ochs Sulzberger. Jr. who is a Jew.
  • Now I’m not suggesting anything least the Neo-Cons would come out bashing me with anti-Semitism.  However the links are clear.
  • A Jewish owned company (NY Times) is helping another Jewish owned company (facebook) through its affiliated venture (Express Tribune) by putting aside all journalistic ethics.
  • Also I don’t understand why Mr. Arthur wants to hide his Jewish identity by claiming he is Evangelical, is there something more than meets the eye.

And this is no conspiracy theory. Please see below for all the links to the authentic and genuine sources:



  • Arthur Ochs Sulzberger, Jr. has served as Chairman of the Board since 1997. he Class B shares provide a mechanism by which the descendants of Adolph Ochs, who purchased the New York Times newspaper in 1896, maintain control of the company by holding nearly 90 percent of this “special class of stock.”


  • Arthur Ochs Sulzberger, Jr. CEO, Present Publisher NY Times Co is a Jew.


And though not a Muslim myself I feel Express Tribune has been highly unprofessional in trying to criticise MFB without any basis and even a basic research.

The above explains why this Herald affiliated, foreign funded, online Pakistan based newspaper is the only newspaper to be involved in extreme one-sided anti-MFB bashing based on various regularly changing pretexts without ever contacting you guys (I’m sure they never did), thereby ignoring the journalistic ethics.

I’d say that I may disagree with you but I will fight for your right to be treated justly.


J Mathews

Update from Millat FB – Decisive battle between MFB & Zionist owned Mark’s FB

Time has finally come, what would we do?  ….. Surrender is not an option; Fear is never a feasible policy

It is a matter of the Honor of our Prophet Muhammad (Saww) for whom we can sacrifice everything.

We do not compromise on the Honor of our Prophet Muhammad (Saww)

It’s a war we cannot and will NOT lose.

Let us all be united and l show the World together that YES we CAN & WILL win (InshAllah)

Mark’s FB and its allies did all they can to try to stop MFB including:

  • Personal threats to MFB team
  • Monetary offers (they don’t know we are Muslims and unlike some of their poodle rulers CANNOT be purchased at any cost).
  • Getting help from CIA and launching persistent and MASSIVE DDOS attacks on YOUR MFB
  • Subversion attacks on Millat
  • Propaganda campaigns against Millat
  • Collaborating with Yahoo, resulting in YAHOO blocking any emails containing Millat’s website link (You can check that yourself)
  • Islamophobic fascist launching global appeals for attacks on Millat

But Alhamdulillah with Allah’s help and your support we defeated these fascists in their hate-campaigns. All their tactics failed and your MFB kept on going.


They are pressurizing and bullying our Service Provider in the USA for no legal reason, who are in turn disrupting our services for NO LEGAL REASON.

It shows their hypocrisy and the reality of their “tolerance”. Where they can only tolerate anything attacking and ridiculing Muslims but even a civilised competition from Muslims in a decent and tolerant manner is not acceptable to them and they want to use all means, from unfair to outright illegal to stop us. This exposes their true face, their tyranny. All the decent people despise such acts by them.

But they are foolish to think that they can stop us. They don’t know that we do not surrender.

With Allah’s help and your support we will defeat them again (InshAllah).

  • We are moving our servers (our first preference is any Islamic country with a reliable infrastructure if not than we have the backup option of Russia and China)
  • This way the Zionist Owned FB has NO Influence

Meanwhile you are appealed to have patience, stay united and fill the new form available on the MFB to show your support and tell the world that we are all UNITED & that YES WE CAN. Your MFB would be back very soon.

Our message to the world is:

Yes we are MUSLIMS, Ambassadors of peace and we are NOT terrorists.

MFB, ISLAM & MUSLIMS ………… An Interview with Hindustan Times …… Part 5 of 5

Below is the 5th and final part of the interview with Mr. Gautam Chikermane, Executive Editor, Hindustan Times

Answer to Q 15 – Continued:

Mark’s PAIN:

Impact on FB:

  • Mark’s FB was growing at 10.27% 3 months ago
  • After their Backing and support of the Caricatures and the launch of MILLATFACEBOOK.COM, this dropped to 2.05% in the past month
  • With Millat’s rising popularity, FB’s growth has plummeted to 0.8% in the last 7 Days.
  • The result is a decline from a 10.27% growth to the level of 0.8% ONLY. This is over 92% fall in their Growth and a SERIOUS KICK which has resulted in several explicit and not-so-explicit attacks by Facebook and its associates to try to stop MFB.

FB and its supporter’s attempts to stop MFB:

  • Constant DDOS Attacks on Millat including from Israeli and CIA owned IP’s (YES ……… We have the IP’s logged and have the proofs)
  • Subversion Attacks on Millat
  • False Rumor Mills
  • Personal Threats to the Millat Administration
  • FB’s partnership with Yahoo resulting in YAHOO refusing to deliver any emails containing our website address (YAHOO and FB recently entered in a business deal and this explains YAHOO’s actions to help FB)
  • Yahoo Mail is BLOCKING MFB emails ………………….. Yahoo is blocking our emails stating that “your website contain offensive content”.
  • This is very strange that Mark’s Facebook which allows and supports RIDICULE of Holy Prophet (SAWW) is not objectionable to them but Millat Facebook  which prohibits the ridicule of any faith and offers a very decent environment is” Objectionable………….
  • When asked specifically what is “Objectionable” Yahoo REFUSED to specify saying they “cannot disclose” as per their “policy”.
  • So is it objectionable because is by Muslims and is uniting Muslims as well as all decent people from all faiths on one platform?

16. Who is funding this venture?

Being a Muslim it’s our faith that Allah Almighty is funding it. And Global IT Vision (Pvt) Ltd is honored to be the initial source for this.

17. What is the current valuation of Millat Facebook?

One can estimate the value of Millat Facebook based on its current ranking of 18,860th amongst OVER 6 BILLION websites globally in just 2 weeks as per Alexa. In Pakistan it is now ranked at 186th, 359th in Indonesia 490th in Malaysia, 524th in Bangladesh and 6,872nd in India amongst the millions of websites in each of these countries, again all this in just approximately 2 weeks.

18. What is your exit strategy?  &  19. Do you have an IPO in mind?

  • We don’t have any such intention at the moment as it was not a business venture.
  • So the question of an exit strategy doesn’t arise.
  • The purpose is to create a platform as mentioned before.
  • I’d like to share with you a very interesting incident from the Islamic history.
  • Once the Prophet (Saww) went to one of his Sahabi’s (companion’s) house. He saw a ventilator there and asked why it was made. The reply came so that the air and sunlight can pass through.
  • The Prophet (Saww) said to the nearest effect that had you INTENDED that this would let the sound of Azan (call to prayer) come through, the light and air would still come through, but you would have been rewarded for your intention till this ventilator is there.

The purpose is to express how important intention is. However to survive and grow this venture we would certainly welcome the support, contributions and associations by all.

Profiteering is not the objective rather the aim is to provide a platform for all muslims as weall as decent people of all faiths to come together in a decent enviornment without any fear of been ridiculed or directed hatred at. Also we want to send a message to FB and its zionist owner Mark Zukerberg that you cannot continue your hate-mongering, Islamophobic and Hypocritical policies unchecked. You cannot earn profits from us while ridiculising our faith and values.

And Finally our message to the world is that:

Yes,we are Muslims, Ambassadors of Peace and we are NOT terrorists.

MFB, ISLAM & MUSLIMS …………….. An Interview with Hindustan Times …………. Part 4 of 5

Part 4 of the Interview with Executive Editor of Hindustan Times, Mr. Gautam Chikermane.

12. What do you do when you’re not saving Islam?

  • Interesting question.
  • I’m a very highly qualified and experienced Finance and Investment professional and have over 9 years experience in various International and Multi-national organizations in the international financial hub of London.
  • I’ve my own practice too.
  • Some of my credentials are as below:


  • PRMIA (Professional Risk Managers’ International Association) – USA
  • ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) – UK
  • PRIMA (Public Risk Management Association) – USA
  • UKSIP (UK Society of Investment Professionals) – UK
  • CFAI (Chartered Financial Analyst Institute) – USA
  • LCCI (Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry)- PAK
  • MPDD (Management and Professional Development Department)- PAK


  • ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) – UK
  • BSc (Hons) Applied Accounting – UK
  • CAT – (UK)
  • Adv. Financial Diploma – UK
  • Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist – UK
  • Certified CSM – LCCI & SMEDA,  PAK

For more details please visit:

13. Where are you based out of right now?

We have our setups in Pakistan and UK. Beside we also have our technical setups in different countries across the globe.

14. When was Millat Facebook launched?

Its formal launch was reported on 28th May 2010.

15. How many members as of now?

Let me give you a quick comparison between MFB and FB, the effect of MFB on FB as well as the hurdles and attacks on MFB by those who doesn’t want it to succeed:

Birth and Launch of Millat Facebook:

  • Millat FB was launched by a team of Pakistani Muslims by working round the clock within just 2-3 days and was Launched Globally


  • Mark Zukerberg’s (a Zionist) FB  took YEARS to develop and was than run as a prototype for years. Its domain was than registered in 1997 but it wasn’t until a YEAR LATER in 1998 that they could formally launch it.

Response and Growth:

  • In approximately 2 weeks MFB has OVER 333,000 members forming its community


  • FB who in the ENTIRE FIRST MONTH could manage ONLY 3,000

World Ranking:

  • The most reputable internet stats provider Alexa Ranked MFB 18.860th site out of over 6 BILLION WEBSITES Globally, in just 2 Weeks approximately.


  • The Zionist owned FB which took 7 years to gain popularity

Global Media Recognition:

  • MFB has been hailed in the international media as a serious threat to FB as well as a positive answer to the provocations thereby improving the image of Muslims and Pakistanis.
  • They have reported Millat Facebook and overall hailed it as a brave and unique step by Muslims which poses a serious threat to FB ……..and it is termed a REAL alternate ………….
  • Despite an attempt by a Herald affiliated and foreign funded online Pakistani newspaper to crush Millat Facebook at its launch, all are now amazed with the results (Alhamdulillah)


  • Mark’s Facebook which took around 6-7 years after its launch to get recognition.

MFB, ISLAM & MUSLIMS ……. An Interview with Hindustan Times …… Part 1 of 5

First part of the Interview with Mr. Gautam Chikermane, Executive Editor of Hindustan Time

1. Why did you launch Millat Facebook?

In protest of the blasphemous, anti-social and hypocritical events of ridiculising Prophet Muhammad (Saww) which were supported by FB.

  • Despite requests from 100 of thousands of users, who reported the pages to FB but let alone taking any action they didn’t even bothered replying.
  • They did reply to media though (BBC and Fox news) later on, saying that they FULLY SUPPORTED THESE EVENTS AND WOULD DO SO IN THE FUTURE IN THE NAME OF FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION.
  • It’s very strange as the same FB administration speaking to the same BBC only last year stated that they cannot allow such abuse and hatred directed on the basis of religions, races, e.t.c. The only difference was that time it wasn’t about Islam but Holocaust and Racism (which we denounce too).

And now when people started creating anti-Holocaust pages on FB in protest of this hypocritical attitude of Mark’s FB to test the so-called Freedom of Expression, they not only removed the relevant pages but deleted their accounts too.

  • There have been several emails to this effect. Below is the link to the detailed account of events by one such user who came out to speak against this with the proofs:

It is a shame that FB administration choose to indulge in supporting the defamation of Prophet Muhammad (Saww) who is a role model not just for Muslims but the entire humanity. Michael H Hart ranked Prophet Muhammad (Saww) at No 1 amongst the list of 100 most influential people in the history of mankind, in his well-known book “The 100” printed in 1978 and  reprinted in1992. In it Hart asserted that Prophet Muhammad (Saww) was “supremely successful” in both the religious and secular realms.

I would further like to say we should all express our freedom and rights with sensibility, care and consideration for our fellow human beings. My freedom shouldn’t mean that I go out on the street and start hitting my neighbor every day and say ‘that’s my freedom’. No that would be an assault as for all internationally accepted laws and regulations, the freedom of a person ends where the freedom of another person starts. So why is it that when it comes to the Holocaust, or racism, this rule is respected, but when it comes to the Muslim faith, it’s not? Is it the new Holocaust for Muslims in the making?… The signs are the same

So Basically the objective is to provide a platform for all people, not only Muslims, but nice and decent people of all faiths, to come together and interact in a way that is socially responsible by providing them all the freedom of expression, however respecting each others’ sensitivities and faiths. [Facebook] seems to allow mockery of religions it has an issue with…

2. Why call it “facebook”?

Good question. Actually it is called Millat FaceBook and that’s because:

  • just like a picture conveys more than a thousand words, it conveys, without speaking a single word what we are about which is:                                                                                                                                                                                                    The Rival and alternate Facebook created by Muslims for all the decent people of all faiths to come together and interact in a socially responsible and considerate manner.

And we are NOT against Facebook name but the hate-mongering, Islamophobic and Anti-humane policies of the FB administration.

3. The color scheme, the fonts resemble Facebook. Why?

  • The theme is certainly different, the logos, color scheme, e.t.c are unique.
  • There are many different, additional and better features.
  • However there may be a similar feel due to some common basics all social networking platforms have.
  • It’s just like asking Toyota or BMW why they have an accelerator or gear box when Mercedes have them. Well these are the basic essentials but their designs, models and basically the products are different.

4. Aren’t you creating a social networking ghetto?

  • Not at all.
  • On the contrary we are offering an alternate platform where people of all faiths can come in harmony and interact besides also try to understand Muslims for what they really are and not what the popular biased propaganda portrays.
  • And this is based on the teachings of our Prophet Muhammad (Saww) who created multi-religion communal harmony through “Mesaq-e-Medina” (Accord of Medina) which ensured that people of all faiths be it Muslims, Jews, Pagans or any other lived in peace and harmony.
  • Millat Facebook is based on those same principles so creating any ghetto is certainly out of question.

MFB, ISLAM and MUSLIMS …… An Interview with Hindustan Times …. Part 2 of 5

Part 2 of the interview with Mr. Gautam Chikermane, Ex. Editor Hindustan Time

5. Aren’t you capitalising on Islam-under-attack rhetoric?

  • No absolutely Not.
  • In Islam the most important thing is the Intention.
  • Even if one just makes an intention to do some good deed and even though they may than not be able to do it for some reason, they would still be rewarded for their good intention.
  • Our intention, as explained before is to lodge our protest in a positive and practical way, make an example out of the indecent and hypocritical FB and provide an alternate to decent people of all faiths specially Muslims.

And even in material terms we are pouring in our resources on this venture without any expectations of returns whatsoever. If there maybe any future returns, so be it but that is neither the reason nor the prime objective.

6. Should all Muslims leave Facebook and join Millat Facebook?

Yes, ofcourse No doubt about it. And not only just Muslims all the decent people of all faiths should. Let me explain you:

Whichever way you look at it be it from Islamic perspective, legally, socially or ethically it’s not possible for a decent person to find any reason to remain associated with a hate-mongering, Islamophobic and fascist FB.


  • Islam RESPECTS all the Prophets and the Holy Books.
  • It is ordered not to defame the God’s of ANY religion
  • Islam tolerates the criticism on Islam and discusses any objections.
  • But as far as any ridicule of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is concerned, the rule is clear ……. FINISH OFF THE “FITNAH” (Cause of unrest) ………………..
  • It is a long reasoning as to the reasons for the order, which are beyond the scope of this discussion.


  • In all international laws there are defamation clauses.
  • No-one has a right to defame anyone on the pretext of Freedom of expression.
  • Than how can defaming the most revered personality for over 25% of the population of the world all over the globe, be termed legal in any way, whatsoever?


  • If our Mum/Dad and/or entire family is ridiculed, abused and their defamatory and dirty pictures are posted by a large store REGULARLY, WOULD WE EVER GO THERE??  ……..  NO ……. No decent person would ever go there.
  • Would any of us visit a place known to promote social unrest and/or racism directed at any community? Again No ……… no decent person would.
  • Prophet Muhammad (Saww) is more than the families and their own lives for over 1.57 Billion Muslims around the globe.


  • Would one ever go to or let their loved ones go to a place that is known to be abusive and involved in Hate-Campaigns? ……………NO. None of us would.
  • How can we than even think of going to or supporting the HATE-MONGERING and RACIST FB???????

7. What is the revenue model of this website?

  • Basically the objective is to provide a platform for decent people of all faiths, to come together and interact in a way that is socially responsible.
  • It’s not created for profiteering but in future different income streams may start to help support and grow the venture.
  • But that is certainly NOT the primary objective.

8. Is Islam truly under attack?

Let’s take a deep breath and honestly analyze the situation around the world.

  • Starting from been considered a natural adversary by the forces of the NEW WORLD ORDER to the need to capture vital resources and paths which are under Muslim rule, by those same forces of the order, it is all clear for those wanting to see.
  • Take a look across the globe, be it Palestine, Chechnya, Kashmir, Burma, Afghanistan, Iraq, e.t.c, it is the Muslims at the receiving end of the atrocities.
  • Islamic faith has been prosecuted and a campaign of smear and propaganda has been carried out against it. This will be discussed in more details in my answer to question 11.

West had been accused of many massacres and Holocaust. Isn’t it another Holocaust in the making, this time directed at Muslims? ……. The signs are the same.

MFB, ISLAM & MUSLIMS …. Interview with Hindustan Times … Part 3 of 5

Below is the 3rd part of the interview with the Mr. Gautam Chikermane, Executive Editor of Hindustan Times.

9. What will you do if a Draw Mohammed page is created on Millat Facebook?

Unlike FB, we take strict action against attacks not just on Islam but defamation of any religion or other violations of decency.

As soon as such things are reported,

  • Not only are the offending pages removed
  • but the account of the offender is terminated and
  • furthermore the offender’s IP is permanently blocked to stop them from accessing the site again, easily.

This is totally opposite to Facebook whose administration instead of taking any positive action, backup and encourages such ridicule as long as it is not directed at Israel or Holocaust or let me be more direct to say as long as it is directed against Islam, a religion they seem to have some issues with.

10. Who will define who a “sweet” person from other religions is?

  • No-one needs to, as it is already defined by the socially accepted norms.
  • All the things a decent person would not do in real life should also not be done sitting behind a computer.
  • Islam has a fundamental principle that asks humans to treat their fellow humans just the way they would like to be treated themselves.
  • Therefore we all should exercise our freedoms with care, consideration and concern for our fellow human beings. Freedom is not and therefore should not become assault.

11. Why is Islam perceived as a violent religion?

  • Put simply Branding Problem.
  • Unfortunately Islam falls on the wrong side of the new world order.
  • The power in the New World Order and the control of Global Media resides with the Anti-Muslim lobbies, who consider Islam their natural adversary.
  • On one hand they commit atrocities against Muslims be it in Chechnya, Palestine, Kashmir, Afghanistan, Iraq, Burma, etc. While on the other hand the ruling elite in the Islamic countries are acting as poodles to these forces.
  • Now in all societies there are some reactionary forces who want to answer the atrocities in the language of power. Majority is not with them but they still are a reality.
  • Even before Independence, in the Sub-continent India Subhash Chander Bhos and Bhagant Singh were there, who according to present definition and even back than were labeled terrorists.
  • The majority of people were with Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Mr. Gandhi but Mr. Bhos and Singh were also a reality who wanted to answer fire with fire.

Some prime example of the bias, prejudice and propaganda against Muslims is evident from the facts that:

  • the IRA blasts were not labeled Christian Terrorism,
  • the incidents in Sri-Lanka are not called Buddhist Terrorism,
  • the Melagaon blasts, Samjhota Express Massacre or the Gujrat massacre of Muslims are Not termed Hindu terrorism,
  • the Israeli atrocities and attacks on civilian peace activists in International waters are not referred to as Zionist terrorism
  • but if any such incident involves a Muslim of ANY COUNTRY even the country becomes irrelevant, they are just branded as Muslim Terrorists …. Why?.


  • On one hand Indian Bombs were not labeled “Hindu Bombs”
  • Nor were Israeli Atomic bombs were called “Zionist Bombs”
  • American Nuclear Bombs were certainly never referred to as “Christian Bombs”
  • What’s more, even the Soviet or Chinese Bombs were NEVER called “Communist Bombs”.
  • But Pakistan’s Atomic Bombs were labeled “Islamic Bombs” by these same forces pursuing the Zionist agenda which deem Islam as its natural adversary, in the name of the New World Order.

So I hope these examples clarify how the smear and propaganda campaigns are consistently carried out to portray Muslims in a particular way and brand them as the outcasts to achieve the evil designs against them under the new world order.

As for the Islamic concept of Jihad which is normally wrongly associated with violence, we need to bring forward the true voice of Islam.

  • It is essentially a concept of self-defense NOT aggression, which is justified by all international laws and standards.
  • Jihad says that if you, your family or community is attacked than defend yourselves
  • but even in this defense DO NOT harm any innocent, women, child or elderly
  • and it goes to the extent to prohibit even any unnecessary harm to the nature or infrastructures.

Furthermore if someone tries to abuse the name of a religion you cannot blame that religion for it. Just like because of the IRA blasts or Gujrat Massacre of Muslims I cannot say that Christianity or Hinduism are very violent religions, the same is also true for Islam.

To sum it up this is a totally wrong and well-crafted perception which has nothing to do with reality. No other religion in the world is more tolerant than Islam. Not Christianity, not Judaism nor even the system of Communism was.

Islam, infact is the ONLY religion in the world to say that the killing of even a SINGLE innocent person is like killing the whole of humanity and Islam in itself means Peace (derived from Salam).