SAD and HORRIFIC ………HOLY QURAN BURNED and DESECRATED on 11th Sept ………… NEAR Ground Zero and White House by American EXTREMISTS ….. Police did NOT stop but protected and escorted the EXTREMISTS … Is this CIVILISED?

Breaking News by with all the PROOFS.

Assalam O Alikum (Peace be On You)

While the “mad pastor” was stopped, inspired and confident, other groups of extremist Americans and Australians have BURNED and DESECRATED Holy Quran.

NB: We all have responsibility and you are requested to bring this issue to light in line with our collective  responsibilities, ethics and abilities to spread awareness about this so we can stop such despicable and hate-mongering acts and campaigns in future and save humanity.

This is EXTREMELY SAD NEWS ………… Media is laying silent largely ……….. Where is the free Media now? ……………  MFB and we all strongly condemn it.

Let us begin by strongly condemning this outrageous act in the strongest possible words and urge all Muslims to remain peaceful and not let these groups of a few American Religious Bigots to provoke us and our emotions to the extent to harm the innocents. At the same time we need to protest in the strongest terms to stop this continuous smear campaign aimed at Islam.

First they Ridiculed Prophet Muhammad PBUH, than Attacked Islam, Mocked Allah Almighty and now Burned Holy Quran ……………. and used Islamophobic Facebook as a propagation tool, unfortunately with total support of the biased and anti-Islam Facebook administration.

First have a look at the Videos and newspaper reports:

1. Man burns pages of the Quran at ‘ground zero’ on sept. 11th 2010. Police escort him safely away from the media, to keep it all quiet. (Click on continue when it asks)

2. Man ignites Koran near Ground Zero, apparently prompted by Florida Pastor Terry Jones

3. Pastor Terry Jones’ 9/11 Koran burn fuels copycats in U.S., violent protests abroad[/B]

4. Westboro Baptist Church to burn Qurans if Dove doesn’t AND says they already burnt Qurans in the past

5. Six Christians rip pages from Koran in White House stunt

6. PRESS TV: Quran desecrated on 9/11 anniversary

Now let me ask you all neutral, decent and open-minded people, what would be the world  reaction if Muslims were to celebrate “Everyone Burn a Crucifix Day”?

Well, all Muslims would be brandished Religious Zealots and there would be a smear and boycott campaign against Islam. Besides the culprits would be punished for sure.

Than why are Muslims ashamed to defend our RIGHTS? Are Over 1.60 Billion Muslims not considered to be part of wider humanity?

Remember it is an organised campaign to test the reaction of Muslims before ultimate strikes. Humanity needs to rise up now or be ready for total destruction not just of Muslims but of entire Humanity. As the final outcome of this disaster in the making can be destruction of HUMANITY.

Ask yourselves what will we answer to Allah Almighty (or whoever you worship) on judgement day. Remember he does NOT need our help but we need his blessings so WAKEUP so he may have mercy on us.


  • First of all boycott Zionist owned, Islamophobic and hate-mongering FB they use to propagate and spread such hatred and whose biased administration totally supports such ludicrous acts aimed at Muslims.
  • Organise and take part in PEACEFUL protests and boycotts
  • Use your position to influence whatever means you can to pressurize the American government to bring to justice these culprits to bring to an end this horrible campaign which can result in absolute destruction of Humanity


WAKEUP HUMANITY -Please spread the message and ask other to forward too.

For Details and PROOFS visit: / (just login using the simple process of 30 seconds)

Time to Recall …………… MFB and FB’s Islamophobia

Dear All,

Assalam O Alikum (Peace be on you)

Below are the BBC links where Facebook admin has reiterated that they would be backing the ridiculing event aimed at Prophet (PBUH). I’m also trying to locate the one where they explicitly said “We support it for the sake of freedom of expression” but it seems as if it has been removed.

However the below links still show their support and unwillingness to act even as per their own guidelines, by using subjective explanations as an excuse. It is really tragic as we don’t normally expect such bias from Multinational business concerns. However, they seems to have some issue with Islam as they have double standards.

On one hand they appreciated the Ridicule of Prophet Muhammad PBUH in the name of freedom of expression and on the other hand were prompt to DISABLE the accounts of users putting up pages on Hitler or Questioning Holocaust. Below is a link to one such case with all the relevent PROOFS:

Now read their statements below with the above evidence of their action to contrary.

“Facebook said in a statement that it would take action if any content “becomes an attack on anyone, including Muslim people”, but that in this case its policies were not violated.”

“”Facebook values free speech and enables people to express their feelings about a multitude of topics, even some that others may find distasteful or ignorant,” the statement said.”

So setting up a page on Hitler which is a historic person no matter how much you disagree with him or for that matter a page to discuss the events of Holocaust (which we condemn) VIOLATES FB’s policy but ridiculing and launching a hate-compaign against Islam, Prophet Muhammad PBUH, Allah and now Quran DOES NOT violate their policies?……… hypocrisy and deep infested, hidden hatred rings some bells?

It’s hard to imagine any decent person been able to defend the Islamophobic FB admin’s acts after this. I urge all to boycott Hate-Mongering FB to bring down this symbol of hate.

Below are some links to the major media outlets’ coverage of Millat Facebook with references to the FB admin’s support for the “cause”:

Radio Netherlands Worldwide

New Statesman

NewYork Daily News



Daily Mail – UK



Daily Times

Hindustan Times

Prothom-Alo – Bangladesh


The News

Telegraph India

Zee News




Should you require anything else, feel free to contact me.

NB: Please forward the message. It would take a minute but might enlighten many.

Kind Regards,

Omer Zaheer Meer
ACCA (UK), BSc (Hons) (UK), CAT (UK), Adv. Financial Diploma (UK),
Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (UK) & Certified CSM (LCCI & SMEDA – PAK)

Professional Associations: PRIMA (USA), ACCA (UK), PRMIA (USA), UKSIP (UK), CFAI (USA), LCCI (PAK) & MPDD (PAK)

Join the Peaceful Event – International Love, Read and Spread Holy Quran Day on Millatfacebook (MFB)

You might be aware that Mark Zukerberg’s Facebook admin has unfortunately been following an anti-islamic policy in violation of all laws and ethics including those setout by its own terms of use.

After supporting the ridicule of Prophet Muhammad PBUH, attacking Islam, “celebrating” Draw Allah Day (Nauzbillah) now the Zionist owned, Islamophobic Facebook administration is supporting a “Burn Quran Day” organised by a particular USA Church. All this despite several protests by millions of its users and in violation of its OWN terms of use yet AGAIN  ……….. just to attack Muslims and stir up hatred amongst humanity by propagating Islamophobia.

We urge all decent and peace-loving people, Muslims, Christians, Jews (all Jews are NOT zionists) and people of all faiths to come and join us for this PEACEFUL EVENT on MFB and show their solidarity.

We will celebrate an International Love, Read and Spread Holy Quran Day on 10th and 11th September on the first and leading social network by Muslims where decent people of all faiths are welcome, the MFB

Please come join and show your love for Humanity and/or Holy Quran. Invite all in your circle.

Let us all unite and show the corrupted administration of Zionist owned Islamophobic FB that they are NOT God. Enough is Enough. This is the time to rise for the sake of Humanity.

Please spread the message and invite everyone. Together we CAN and we WILL WIN InshAllah

Join in:

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