West must punish or handover it’s “own” terrorists like Terry Jones and Basil to the Muslim World to ensure World Peace: MFB CEO

( , Lahore, 21st September 2012)  Speaking on the occasion of the nation-wide protests across Pakistan, against the blasphemous US “movie” and other ridiculing attacks against the Holy Prophet PBUH, Mr. Omer Zaheer Meer, the CEO of the largest social network by Muslims, www.mymfb.com demanded the West to respect cultures and religions, other than their official ones. The feelings of over 1.6 Billion Muslims have been deeply hurt.

Expressing the feelings of the youth, he demanded international legislation against such acts citing example of laws against denial of holocaust in many western countries. Also citing the recent verdict of a French Court in favour of the British Royals he demanded that such material be removed from internet and other mediums to preserve peace and harmony in the global community.

He said that the West need to punish or handover its own” terrorists like Terry Jones and Basil to the aggrieved Muslim world to ensure world peace and asked why such people inciting hate, fear and resulting violence are not tried under the west’s terrorism laws when any Muslim making a speech asking fellow Muslims to defend the ,helpless in the name of Jihad can be. This hypocrisy and double standard is not acceptable and the west must understand that even the weakest of Muslims can and will sacrifice everything to defend the honor of the most revered person ever, the Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH. He urged the peace-loving and decent ordinary citizens of the west to also come forward to foil the terrorists like Jones and Basil.