Breaking News: MFB Refused $ 500,000 offer by USA investor

Dear MFB Members and Readers,

We were approached by an American investor with an offer to “buy” MFB for $ 100,000. After our refusal it was increased by 5 times to $ 500,000. We still REFUSED.

YOUR MFB refused as MFB is more than just a business, it’s a mission. While we are open to partnerships with people sharing our ideology and vision we can never give-up or surrender on our vision and mission.

CONGRATS as this shows YOUR MFB is getting stronger day by day.

Together we WILL WIN.  InshAllah


For details, please visit:

NB: The reasons behind the decisions will follow in more details in a follow-up.

How MFB ( is the best based on features and What if it MFB was a country?

Below is some information from a reputable site which you may find exciting.

An Extract of the information from the link below (as of 18th October 2010 – there are slight daily fluctuations):

  • If MFB was a country it would be bigger than Greenland and Cayman’s Islands  based on daily traffic
  • 1 in every 29,070 internet users visits MFB daily
  • Per CONSERVATIVE estimate, app 60,000 Unique visitors Daily

You will find more information including the geographical breakdown from the link above.

In addition, it might be worth mentioning here that MFB is ONLY social networking site in the world where more than 2/3 rd of the users spend OVER 2 Hours which is pretty unique.

It is also worth mentioning here that MFB is constantly improving and innovating. Not only does MFB offer all the features that any other social network does but many additional and unique ones like:

  • Free Live TV
  • Bulletins
  • Shout Box
  • Public Chat Rooms
  • Recipes Feature
  • e.t.c

This is in additional to all the usual features where all members have their walls, ability to search and/or invite their friends, emailing, creating groups, fan pages, blogs, polls, putting status, sharing videos, sharing pictures, staying connected, e.t.c

We know the journey is long but one we are well onto and with our strict respect for User’s privacy, MFB is placed well ahead of any social network.

NB:  Spare a minute to forward to your circle and let them know.
This can be your contribution towards a better, privacy protected and hate-free social networking and a better world.

Kind Regards,

Omer Zaheer Meer
ACCA (UK), BSc (Hons) (UK), CAT (UK), Adv. Financial Diploma (UK),
Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (UK) & Certified CSM (LCCI & SMEDA – PAK)

Professional Associations: PRIMA (USA), ACCA (UK), PRMIA (USA), UKSIP (UK), CFAI (USA), LCCI (PAK) & MPDD (PAK)

Open Letter to Mr. Javed Chaudhary on his recent article ….. Read and Share

Dear Javed Chaudhary Sahib,

Assalam O Alikum,

Hope you are doing well and are in the best of health and happiness.

Being an avid and passionate reader of your articles, I feel obliged to write this mail to invite your kind attention to a matter of utmost importance which has disappointed a lot of your fans. You have always been very detailed and well-researched in your posts in general, however being human we all can mistake and I am sure such a genuine mistake took part from your good-self. Equally I have the faith that you will rectify the mistake by writing on the other side of the picture and the missed facts as below.

Your recent column on Facebook focused on a few points while missing some very vital and important information. Unfortunately it showcased a wrong picture of the matters to your reader who like me have total faith in what you write. However as I said before I am 100% sure it is just a human error.

Below are the major points from the column as well as some facts related to them which show the entire picture:

1. There should have been strong protests in that FB’s (Facebook) administration should have been contacted to tell them of the feelings of their users.

There were strong protests so much so that literally chains were made and HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of people emailed and called Facebook’s administration showing their displeasure and mentioning that this was a violation of their OWN guidelines.

But the response was …………………………. NO RESPONSE. Yes, total Ignorance.

There were no replies to emails and as soon as people would refer to the issue the calls were hanged up. I know this as I was personally involved in the campaign and hundreds of students in Lahore and London alone will vouch for this.

2. Facebook is a platform which provide everyone an equal opportunity to express themselves and it is just some sick people spreading hatred.

Having spent considerable time in Western Europe I used to believe the same until I got fully involved in the matter and the truth started to come out, which unfortunately was very ugly and full of bias and hatred towards Muslims.

While FB’s administration defended their actions and showed their SUPPORT for the attacks on and ridicule of Prophet Muhammad PBUH, Allah and Islam in their statements to BBC and Fox news citing “Freedom of Expression”, there was clear hypocrisy and double standards to say the least.

In sharp contrast to the above they were quick to not only remove any content praising Hitler or questioning Holocaust (NOT EVEN ATTACKING ANY FAITH) but even the accounts of such users were immediately TERMINATED.

Please have a look at the link below for detailed proof:

Furthermore, please spare a few minutes to read the blog below with the detailed links and matter in this regard:

After reading the above it would be crystal clear that unfortunately Mark Zukerberg’s Facebook is following a clearly biased anti-Muslim policy. It might be worth mentioning here that the Harvard dropout Zukerberg was renowned for his unequivocal support of Israel and Zionism besides attempted Hackings and fraud with his seniors (facts recently documented in the Hollywood movie and widely available online in reputable publications).

For details please visit:

3. We should have developed an alternate and promote it as a mean of genuine and practical protest and teach FB a lesson in corporate ethics.

Let me begin with Congratulating you that indeed this was done and it was Pakistani Muslim youth who took the initiative. Millat Facebook (MFB) was launched within 2-3 Days and was recognised globally as a potent threat to Facebook around 29th May 2010.

  • Despite several hacking attempts and three times taking down the site, MFB has become the LARGEST Social network by any Muslim country
  • With OVER 400,000 Members and being the fastest growing network, in terms of recognition MFB has reached the level that Facebook took 7 Years to reach and
  • This in itself  is no ordinary feat by any means

Unfortunately like all other walks of life, the attitude of the majority of those in powerful positions in the country ignored or downplayed when the world media was hailing it as a big achievement and something very positive coming out from Pakistan.

Please read the following limited selection from the huge world media coverage to see for yourself re MFB (Millat Facebook)’s success:

  • New Statesman: “Pakistan’s Millat facebook becoming popular” (Over 333,000 Users)

  • NDtV: “‘Halal’ version of Facebook is a hit in Pakistan” (Over 333,000 Members)

  • Ratio Netherlands Worlwide: “Pakistan launches Facebook for the faithful”

  • Zee News: ‘Halal’ version of Facebook is a hit

  • Al-Jazeera

As of now MFB ( has ALL the features that facebook or any other social network offers like:

  • Your own space called “Wall”,
  • Email facility to contact your friends,
  • Groups,
  • Fan pages,
  • Blogs,
  • Polls,
  • Forums,
  • Picture and Video uploading and sharing facilities,
  • Games,
  • Facility for personal chat with your friends,
  • e.t.c

In addition MFB (Millat also offers additional features and services that NO other social network offers like:

  • LIVE Kaaba View,
  • Free LIVE TV,
  • Recipes,
  • Bulletins,
  • Public Chat,
  • Shout Box,
  • Schools,
  • e.t.c

And this is just the beginning as MFB is constantly improving every day. Furthermore MFB (Millat highly respects and protects the privacy of its members unlike Facebook who not only sells all the user data but has bugs allowing third-party programmers to gain access to your as well as your friends’ personal data.

In addition, with Half Million Plus (500,000 Plus) Members from all corners of the globe, Millatfacebook has become the LARGEST Muslim Social Network Website ever within just a few months.

4. Sir Syed’s way should be followed where he wrote a rebuttal to a blasphemous book by a British Official.

Totally agree with you here. And the way as you describe was to refute and bring a successful competitor with consistent efforts over a long period of time which resulted in the eventual success of the truth.

This is why MFB was launched and being run to follow the same course of action.

The interview below with the Executive Editor of Hindustan Times Mr. Gautam Chikermane covers extensively the issues surrounding the matter and would be enlightening. Please do read the interview below:

Hindustan Times: “Islam has a branding problem: Millatfacebook CEO”

Should you require any more information, please feel free to contact. And should you be able to spare some time, a team from MFB would be happy to provide you more detailed information and proofs on the matter.

In the end, I’d close this mail with the confidence that an honest and competent person of your calibre would certainly take time to read the above and write on the topic to spread the awareness and tell the big following about MFB which is a practical step of agitation and a good step forward just like you would have advocated.

I look forward to your next column/program on the issue.

Kind Regards,

Omer Zaheer Meer

ACCA (UK), BSc (Hons) (UK), CAT (UK), Adv. Financial Diploma (UK), Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (UK) & Certified CSM (LCCI & SMEDA – PAK)

Professional Associations: PRIMA (USA), ACCA (UK), PRMIA (USA), UKSIP (UK), CFAI (USA), LCCI (PAK) & MPDD (PAK)