MFB (Millat Facebook) giving all donations to MRO (Millat Relief Organisation) to help flood victims

This is a time of heightened Human Tragedy and we are directing all donations even those for MFB towards Millat Relief Organisation to help Humanity and our Fellow Muslims. All the donations even those for MFB since the launch of MRO will be given to the flood victims via MRO.

Please find a special place in your heart for them this Ramadan.

This is a massive tragedy and no one organisation can reach all affected. The scale of devastation is huge so the more the relief efforts the better.Even if you are supporting another organisation, please spread your aid amongst your choices so it can reach the maximum number of affected.

MRO has been launched by MFB, the FIRST and leading social network for Muslims and decent People of all faith with a continuously growing user base of Over 400,000 Members.

We have NO administrative expenses as all such costs are provided for by MFB. This ensures that we can provide one of the most cost-effective packages to help the flood victims.

$30 – 50 will help us provide the supplies to an
average family for ONE MONTH. Be generous and help as much as you can.

Remember you donation can help save someone’s life or even an entire family.

Please donate now at:

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