CONGRATS ……. MFB (Millat Facebook) Legal team got Stay from Lahore High Court against ILLEGAL intended handover of a Convicted blasphemer “Aasia” by some elements of the Government

Below is the post by MFB’s Legal and Admin Team. For details please visit:



Your MFB (Millat Facebook) worked hard and launched a campaign to enlighten and spread awareness on all forums on an issue which was misrepresented with emotional appeals and propaganda campaigns after pressure from the USA and Pope’s appeals. Your MFB countered the propaganda on all platforms. All the members played their part and Alhamdulillah we got the first victory. MFB

The CEO himself wrote on the topic to tarnish the lies fabricated by the leftists and clarify the confusions planted by media propaganda ( For details checkout: )

Now the MFB Legal Team has successfully made the High court to stop the govt from illegally handing her over to USA. There is now hope the justice would be done and if she is innocent would be freed while if guilty would be served justice but all through a due process and NOT to please foreign masters or Pope.

So well Done everyone and CONGRATULATIONS Yes MFB

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NB: All we want is the law to be respected and justice served WITHOUT any FOREIGN pressures or internal maneuvers from INFLUENTIAL Govt official to appease foreigners by COMPROMISING on our justice system and court of laws. Our High and Supreme Courts are the most Independent and let the appeals go through them and truth come out.

Aasia (A Pakistani close to Pope’s heart) – Blashphemer, Innocent or Deserving Sympathy? ……… Tarnishing the lies

You might be well aware of the Aafia and Aasia cases. Today this blog is about clarifying the apologetic and sympathetic side’s views re the Aasia, the convicted blasphemer and ridiculer of Prophet PBUH case. Below is a response to a person with genuine concerns clarifying the misconceptions and is worth a read. (In case you are unaware about the issue please visit:

Start of the message:

Thanks  for your comments and suggestions Yes. We had similar concerns as you and have investigated it. It turns out that she had admitted her fault two times and it started when some muslim women said they consider that the Qurbani meat is haram for christians (non-sense) and she than did ridicule of Prophet PBUH.

The stuff you are saying re her fight and innocence is the propaganda launched by the American Poodle rulers to garnish public sympathy. How do you know she had a quarrel with the Zamindar? Were you there?????? NO you were not brother.

Now the entire village and nearby areas are lying and ONLY Aasia, who is on death row and in fear for her life is saying the truth? Why are the entire villages lying?.

Brother, While I appreciate there can and is misuse of laws and all of them not just this particular one, in this instance there was a proper trial with all the witnesses and evidence examined by a court of law. Why all of a sudden after POPE asked for her release and USA applied pressure are these conspiracy theories coming out? ………….. The answer is simple …………. Media and propaganda war to dilute the minds of people and divide us to achieve their goals

Now if she had a mistrial or is innocent the case should be taken to High and Supreme court which (her lawyers) Govt of Pak, USA, Foreign funded NGO’s and POPE would be very happy to fund. Moreover with the foreign-funded media on her back now she has the upper hand. Go through the proper process and if the courts release her as innocent so be it. But DO NOT make mockery of the Justice system and the principles of Islam by doing all this drama Pakistani Poodle rulers are doing of trying to illegally flee her.

Let us not be apologetic of our Just rules and principles to keep the society fitna-free when west doesn’t even feel ashamed of their unjust laws as those of banning the Hijab or Minaret. This is not a tit-for-tat but giving a perspective to the disillusioned.

Finally do read this bulletin and all the comments there to  further clarify and I look forward to hearing from you:

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