Reality of the PTI & so-called “Electables” Issue

Assalam O Alikum,

While I do not believe that PTI cannot win without the so-called “electable” and am all for giving young blood maximum chances in line with our ideology, the continuous hue & cry over this issue has made me post this thread. An unfortunate incident yesterday showed the magnitude of the problem.

Do you know that to date less than 70 ex MNA/MPA’s have joined PTI in Punjab (data being continuous updated) where more than 500 candidates would be required for elections including the local government elections. And what more, none of them have been given any tickets either. Can you see the bigger picture now? It is more of the propaganda by pro-status co parties who wants to lure these same so-called “electables” but failing that start attacking PTI.

Last but not the least no one can close the party doors for anyone as we need votes from all BUT yes, as Khan sb promised both publicly and to us in person no wrong person would be given any ticket and in urban centres it will be youth Insha Allah. And we all can and should jointly work to ensure this happens.

Furthermore Chairman Imran Khan has specifically mentioned repeatedly that no-one would be given a ticket without passing through the filter, which has actually started working. Being at a responsible position in the process, I can confirm that these principles are being adhered to and work is being done on these ground.

We have been further assured that the parliamentary board would certainly consider these recommendations and no corrupt or ill-reputed person, no matter how strong, would be given the party ticket.

Last but not the least, if a thief breaks into your house what would you do? Kick out the thief or burn your house?. Think about it

I hope this clarifies any confusions and welcome your feedback.