Memorable Visit of Mr. Brian McEnery, President ACCA


Launch of ACCA Practising Liscence in Pak – ACCA MNP Elections 2016-18


Below are the pictures from another groundbreaking event where after extreme hard-work, devotion and with unrelenting support from ACCA Pakistan team, history was made with ACCA Practising liscence being launched in Pakistan.

ACCA’s DP Mr. Brian McEnery (Partner, BDO Ireland) was specially invited to Pakistan on this occasion.

Leading by example, I became the pioneer ACCA Practising Liscence holder in Pakistan and my firm MLCC, in business for over 30 years became the pioneer ACCA Practising Firm, thereby opening the doors of professional Practise to ACCA fraternity in Pakistan.

It is my vision and aim to build upon such historic successes for the betterment and professional development of ACCA fraternity.

This can only be possible with your vote and kind support in the ongoing MNP elections.

Please visit            My Professional Profile, Achievements for ACCA & Manifesto

to consider me worthy of your valuable vote.

Thanks in anticipation.

Mr. Brian McEnery (DP ACCA) and Mr. Sajjeed Aslam (President ACCA Pak) presenting the 1st ever ACCA Practising Liscence to Mr. Omer Zaheer Meer at the launch ceremony.