Good News – Recordings of CPD Sessions (Tax, e.t.c.) for No Charge


Prophet Muhammad (SAWW/PBUH) said: “Seek knowledge from the Cradle to the Grave”

After tremendous response and with thousands of professional accountants (#ACCA members) having registered and attended the four (4) CPD sessions of the ongoing #2020 CPD series, we’ve been receiving many queries about the recordings of the CPD sessions particularly by those who couldn’t attend.

Although you won’t be able to interact or have a Q&A session but still you’d be able to benefit from the recordings.

Please find below the details and links in this regard:

Link of Youtube Channel:

Filing of an Appeal to Appellate Tribunal
Date of release: 05th April 2020

Tax Laws (Second Amendment) Ordinance, 2019
Date of release: 07th April 2020

Filing of Income Tax Return
Date of release: 09th April 2020

We hope this will add value during this challenging time and help improve your skills further.

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Omer Zaheer Meer

Managing Partner, (Taxation & Corporate Services), MLCC Member, Global Tax Forum (UK) Chairman MNP & Taxation Subcommittee (Pak), ACCA Member, Editorial Board, Policy Insights, MESA, ACCA

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