Manifesto for ACCA Council 2020 – Omer Zaheer Meer

Manifesto for ACCA Council 2020 – Omer Zaheer Meer


In view of the unique challenges due to COVID-19’s global implication, I commit to bring to Council:

  • continued selfless devotion and passion for ACCA fraternity,
  • tax and corporate laws specialization,
  • 14 years’ plus crisis management experience at board & public sector level,
  • governmental level policy making experience,
  • ideas to capitalize on the fast evolving regulatory and tax framework culminating from China-Pakistan Economic Corridor with exciting economic possibilities,
  • extensive experience on the boards of various think-tanks,
  • insights from extensive interactions with ACCA members across the globe and
  • a fresh perspective.

If successful, I’ll continue to work with utmost honesty, dedication and unrelenting passion to contribute to the ACCA community in the following ways:


  • Provision of relevant CPDs and/or courses for capacity building to equip our members with vital skills in a fast evolving enviornment particularly for current and upcoming technologies, allowing them to progress in their careers.
  • More work towards increasing earning potential of ACCA members globally using successful initiatives such as “six digits” and “two-week-too-strong”.
  • Generating more career opportunities for members by proposing initiatives involving working closely with and facilitating employers in hiring ACCA members.
  • Strengthening mentoring programs for members for their professional and career development.
  • Promoting closer networking opportunities amongst members.
  • Collaborations with regulators and other professional bodies to enhance recognition of ACCA.
  • Work towards introduction of local taxation variants in various markets .
  • Promote ACCA brand globally, thereby creating more value for members.

I’ll act on behalf of all members to ensure that the future direction of ACCA continues to address the evolving needs of our members and all stakeholders while championing the highest ethical standards.