ACCA MNP Meeting

Dear Readers,

This is to share with you that I chairmed a very positive and productive meeting of the ACCA MNP.

Below is a summary of the non-confidential proceedings:

Major challenges, opportunities, strengths and improvements were discussed for betterment of the profession and wider society with a positive impact for our beloved Pakistan while also creating positive global impact.

Major breakthroughs, initiatives and proposals put forward at the IA2018 were shared with MNP members.

Relevant committees and societies’ tasks and targets were also finalized along with some other initiatives being put in motion.

Taxation Committee’s works were shared, being already in motion.

Key initiatives including, Thursday Huddles, Employer Engagements, Regulator Engagements, e.t.c. were also recommended to be given increased impetus.

Feel free to share your suggestions.


Omer Zaheer Meer

Communicating Members’ Voices – Meeting with ACCA CEO

Communicating Members’ Voices – Meeting with ACCA CEO

Dear Readers,

Peace be on you all,

Had a very productive meeting with Ms. Helen Brand, CEO of ACCA, the largest global accountancy body in human history. In all my interactions, I’ve always found her to be very articulate and a methodical professional, yet at the same time being a very humble and friendly person.

Vital proposals regarding ACCA fraternity and brand, culminated from the feedbacks of the members and the collective wisdom of representatives, were shared and discussed at length with her and Sundeep Takwani. Sundeep is also an impressive professional.

Although it was peak period professionally, the importance of advocacy and contributing to my Alma-mater & wider society meant that I took extra time off work. And it was well worth it. The contents of the discussions were confidential, but let me share that ACCA believes in Thinking Ahead so look forward to the exciting times and initiatives ahead.

SAJJEED ASLAM, FCA arif mirza Ayla Majid Brian McEnery


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Unanimous & Unopposed Chairman MNP (Pak), ACCA

Dear Readers,

Peace be on you,

It is with immense pleasure that I share the fantastic news with you that I’ve been honored with a great responsibility and a historic first in being elected as:

an unopposed and unanimous Chairman of the Members’ Network Panel of the largest global accountancy body ACCA in Pakistan.

I’m also glad to share that my Vice Chairman candidate Mr. Arslan Shabbir has also been elected unopposed.

This has been a great privilege. I’m grateful to all for their faith and this testament to the appreciation of the advocacy and deliverance that’s been delivered by me consistently.

I’ll strive with my team to continue to deliver excellence and keep on supporting the executive team in delivering the Council’s agenda for the betterment of the fraternity. Your continuous support and suggestions would be even more valuable now.

Below is a picture from the inaugural meeting of the new MNP concluding the business of electing the office bearers.