Omer Zaheer Meer’s Existing Key Contributions for ACCA – Council Election 2021

I’ve been honoured to be:

  1. sitting and contributing on the ACCA Global Tax Forum (6 Years+),
  2. contributing on the ACCA International Assembly (4 Years+),
  3. a member of the Editorial Board of the MESA publication of ACCA’s Policy Insights (3 Years+) and
  4. working with global policy teams and regional members’ affairs teams of ACCA on various initiatives.

I’ve also:

  1. Participated in various regional and #international CPD and motivational sessions for ACCA fraternity.
  2. Led #ACCA by representing at the #Federal #Government level while assisting #FinanceMinistry with key inputs and proposals.
  3. Represented #ACCA at the #Punjab #Government policy making initiatives and in interactions with #ChiefMinister Punjab and his #cabinet.
  4. Interacted and assisted #Regulators leading to enhanced collaborations and brand recognition for ACCA.
  5. Developed and contibuted in a very effection #MentoringProgram.
  6. Spearheaded a comprehensive CPD program particularly focused on local laws and taxationtopical techonologies including Artificial Intelligence, Big-Data, Data Analytics, Blockhainpresentation skills, leadership, effective communication, e.t.c. to equip members with the necessary skills for their growth. This resulted in more opportunities and increased members satisfaction.
  7. Worked tirelessly to get MOUs signed with various Tax Bars, opening up new and exciting career opportunities for ACCA members in the lucrative taxation practice. This enhanced the recognition of ACCA in the market.
  8. Proposed and led by personal participation in the 30 days, 100 employers initiative to ensure more reach of ACCA and a stronger brand leading to more employment opportunities for ACCA fraternity.
  9. Proposed, launched and ran “Tax Clinic” with Chamber of Commerce and Industry leading to a strong partnership to ensure that ACCA brand is recognized by top business leaders, leading to more employment opportunities for our fraternity.
  10. Created #Upskilling Programs.
  11. Focused on increasing earning potential of our fraternity by proposing and then personally contributing in absolutely free of cost ground breaking initiatives such as “Six Digits”, “Seven Digits” and “Two-Week-Too-Strong” programs which have been resounding successes leading the participants to secure incomes in six & seven digits and/or marked rises. Almost 2,500 ACCA fraternity members have already availed these programs.
  12. Personally mentored thousands of members, affiliates and students over the past decade.
  13. Represented and/or introduced ACCA at various forums including Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Tax Bars, Financial Institutions, Regulators and other professional institutions such as LCCI, KCCI, KTBA, LTBA, MTBA, PTBA, NRSP, MPDD, UET, MCB, NBP, IBP, several think tanks – being on their boards, e.t.c.
  14. Pioneered #WhatsApp groups for #membersnetworking and #connectivity resulting in over 4,000 members and future members getting connected.
  15. Initiated other unprecedented forums including using social media tools for ACCA community’s interactaction with each other and the ACCA officials with ease.
  16. Conducted #career orientation & other sessions for #students to opt for #ACCA,
  17. Helped launch and personally contributed in the #ProfessionalExpertsForum for subject matter experts to guide #ACCA fraternity as well as brand recognition and much more.
  18. Proposed, assisted and worked towards the practicing certificate launch in Pakistan for ACCA fraternity (was the first one to be awarded one) by then ACCA President.
  19. Conveyed the members sentiments to the ACCA officials and various decision makers as Chairman of MNP. Interacted with the decision makers and made efforts to link these sentiments with the ACCA strategy. This lead to various support measures during the Covid-19 by ACCA, including the increase in the income level allowed for claiming subscription assistance from GBP 5,000 to GBP 8,000 and proposed it to be further increased significantly and extension in the Subscription due date besides the option to pay in installments, all unprecedented measures.
  20. In addition to the above, these efforts also contributed towards consideration and allowing of special relief for suspended members by ACCA.
  21. Has been instumental in and participated in several campaigns to promote ACCA brand including the “Think Ahead with ACCA” series by the marketing as well as the members’ affairs teams.
  22. Worked tirelessly with ACCA officials in line with advocating and supporting the idea for audit rights for ACCA members leading to the historic agreement with ICMAP which opened up doors to audit practice for our fraternity.

In recognition of the above mentioned and numerous other contributions, ACCA honored me by awarding the Exceptional Public Value Awards (for 2 years running) and National Advocacy Award.

All this resulted in enhanced #brandrecognition, increased #opportunities for #ACCA and several ancilliary benefits for our fraternity and the profession.

It is my aim to build upon this good work for all members globally, as an #ACCACouncilMember.

Therefore, please #VoteOmerZaheerMeer in #ACCACouncilElection2021 and let’s continue to #ThinkAhead together.