Behind the Scenes in a TV Program on Finance, Taxation & Economy

Dear Readers,

Peace be on you all. I hope the post holiday energy is keeping you going at full speed. Below are some behind the scenes pictures from the above titled program where I was honored to be invited as an expert on the subject.

The program will be shared on this blog too and you’ll be amazed by the technology converting the set into a totally different setting, something very common used in Hollywood.

This also shows how technology keeps on facilitating and evolving our lives for better, when put to productive use. Enjoy the pictures and let us know your feedback.

The Mother

Salam (peace be on you) dear readers,

My today’s post is very different from the professional and topical ones you’ll be used to reading in this blog. It probably won’t be as coherent but will be from heart. It’s actually quite late so I’ll try to keep it brief.

Today, let us take a moment and think about mothers. Yes, let us think about them in our busy lives even when it’s not a mothers’ day to celebrate, even when we don’t need them to do something for us, even when we don’t want them for comforting us, even when we don’t need their favors, just think about them without any need and reason other than that they’re our mothers. And that should be sufficient.

Mother …………… Who’s a mother? A girl or a woman who has her own life and dreams and many a times see them killed or snatched away or even herself choose to sacrifice them, to bring lives in this world. Lives which are us all. Her kids. Kids who become her life, her happiness, her entire universe and what not!

She forgets herself, the world and everything else becomes secondary to her kids and even if it still exists for her it’s only for her children, She goes through everything to bring a smile on her kids’ faces, on our faces. To make us happy becomes her biggest pleasure. To see us successful becomes her epitome of success. Our pain becomes unbearable for her. Our tears shatters her world. She’s always praying for us. She’s always looking out for us.  Somehow she’s always there for us.

She forgets herself for she sees herself in us. She happily bears all the pains to ensure that we’re happy. She willingly makes all the sacrifices to keep us safe and make us successful.  Then one day, she goes away silently and the world is not the same anymore.

Yes, the life goes on but does it really? Then again, she’s there somewhere looking upon us longing for our smiles ………. her dreams are what keeps us going. Yes, it will never be the same again for there is no replacement of parents and particularly a mother. So love your mothers, respect them and obey them. Honour them and value them for you don’t know their true value until they’re gone and then you just can’t bring them back.

May Allah Almighty bless all our mothers and grant heaven to all those that passed away. Aameen

Tax Amnesty in Pakistan

Tax Tip of the Day: 

At MLCC, our considered professional opinion is that, if you fall within the ambit of the Tax Amnesty offered in Pakistan then it is a golden opportunity for you. 

Such an opportunity may not come again soon specially with the effective go-ahead from the SCP and owning up by FBR.  With OECD convention’s data sharing coming into the picture later this year, it maybe your last window of opportunity to legally comply and whiten the undeclared income and assets.

For more information, feel free to contact:

There’s a separate link on the Amnesty there too.

All the best!


“Patience doesn’t mean to passively endure. It means to be farsighted enough to trust the end result of a process.

What does patience mean?

It means to look at the thorn and see the rose, to look at the night and see the dawn.

Impatience means to be so shortsighted as to not be able to see the outcome.”


Those with faith and love of God NEVER run out of patience, for they know that time is needed for the crescent moon to become full.

ACCA Pakistan’s MNP Elections


Dear Readers,

Peace be on you,

Hope those of you belonging to #ACCA family would have received and checked your emails regarding ACCA Pakistan’s MNP elections.

MNP is a representative body of members that advises the executives as to the appropriate actions and strategies to add value and enhance brand reputation amongst other similar aims.

At times, some friends share their thoughts on how to improve things further for ACCA fraternity. This is your opportunity NOW. Get active and VOTE.

The voting process is online and you’d receive an email outlining the process if you’re eligible to vote. You’ll have the right to cast votes for upto five (5) candidates. Get to know the candidates and vote for the best ones as ACCA is our alma mater and your professional future is tied with ACCA’s recognition and repute. So participate in this MNP election.

Some of you have been asking me for my advise. I suggest that please rise above your personal likes and dislikes to vote for motivated, mature, professional, competent and best candidates who are aware of the issues impacting ACCA brand and are willing and able to work for the betterment of and adding value to brand ACCA.

I’d share my opinion of the best candidates in dm to your enquiries.

Last but not the least, best wishes to all MNP candidates.