7 Financial Benefits of becoming a FILER

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Below are the seven (7) major financial benefits of becoming a Filer in Pakistan:

  1.  Lower rates of advance income tax deducted at source by banks (on interest/profits) and on banking transactions
  2. Savings on withholding tax deducted when registering and transferring motor-vehicles
  3. Lower rate of tax on sale/purchase of property transactions
  4. Rebates/reduction in tax on payment for goods, services and contracts
  5. Lower tax on dividend
  6. Reduced withholding tax on capital gains accrued on sale of securities
  7. Reduced rate of withholding tax on prize bond winnings and decreased rate of collection under commission and brokerage.


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Historic Pre-Budget Seminar: ACCA, LTBA, PTBA, ICAP, ICMAP & others – ACCA MNP Elections 2016-18


Below are some pictures from the historic Pre-Budget seminar organized by me as Chairman Liaison Committee, LTBA in partnership with ACCA (Pakistan). We achieved collaborations with ICAP, ICMAP, LTBA, PTBA and other major bodies including LCCI in attendance. Chairman FBR was the Chief Guest and highly appreciated my presentation, representing ACCA.

ACCA team led by Mr. Sajjeed Aslam (President ACCA Pak), accompanied by Mr. Haroon Jan (Head of Members’ Affairs ACCA Pak) praised the unprecedented success of the first ever event of this nature on such a massive scale. The focus was on expanding the footprint of and creating opportunities for ACCA fraternity.

It is my vision and aim to build upon such historic successes for the betterment and professional development of ACCA fraternity.

This can only be possible with your vote and kind support in the ongoing MNP elections. For me, MNP is a platform to increase my positive contributions for ACCA fraternity, the profession and thereby our beloved Pakistan.

Please visit:           My Professional Profile, Achievements for ACCA & Manifesto  to consider me worthy of your valuable vote & kind support.

Thanks in anticipation.

Kind Regards,

Omer Zaheer Meer (ACCA MNP Candidate Sr. No: 23)


Inauguration of Branch of Pioneer ACCA Practising Firm in Pak – – ACCA MNP Elections 2016-18


Below are some pictures from the historic inauguration of the branch office of the PIONEER ACCA Practising firm in Pakistan by Mr. Sajjeed Aslam (President ACCA Pak) accompanied by Mr. Haroon Jan (Head of Members’ Affairs ACCA Pak). The focus was on expanding the footprint of and creating opportunities for ACCA fraternity.

It is my vision and aim to build upon such historic successes for the betterment and professional development of ACCA fraternity.

This can only be possible with your vote and kind support in the ongoing MNP elections. For me MNP is a platform to increase my positive contributions for ACCA fraternity, the profession and thereby our beloved Pakistan.

Please visit            My Professional Profile, Achievements for ACCA & Manifesto  to consider me worthy of your valuable vote & kind support.

Thanks in anticipation.

Kind Regards,

Omer Zaheer Meer (ACCA MNP Candidate Sr. No: 23)


CONGRATS – ACCA Pak allows email-voting for MNP Elections 2016-2018


Please find below the email confirming & outlining the process. We appreciate ACCA executives for accepting this proposal for increased members’ engagement and ease of voting.

Please visit            My Professional Profile, Achievements for ACCA & Manifesto

to consider me worthy of your valuable vote.

Thanks in anticipation.


Omer Zaheer Meer


From:  Haroon Ahmad Jan (haroon.jan@accaglobal.com) This sender is in your safe list.
Sent: 05 May 2016 07:58:51
To: members.pk

Dear ACCA Members

ACCA Pakistan Members Network Panel in their last meeting held on 29 April 2016 discussed the ongoing MNP elections. The MNP suggested that in addition to personal voting and voting through postal mails, scanned ballot papers sent through email may also be considered valid. ACCA Pakistan has carefully evaluated the suggestion in view of the MNP constitution and security of the voting process and has decided to make a provision for accepting scanned ballots through email. However the following instructions need to be adhered to:

1.    The email must be sent at Pakistan@accaglobal.com

2.    The email subject should be “ACCA Pakistan MNP Election 2016-18”

3.    The original ballot paper (already emailed to members) should be scanned and must contain member’s original signatures and registration ID

4.    Emails must not be sent at any other address and nobody should be copied/ blind copied to ensure confidentiality

5.    Emails votes must reach us by 5.00pm on 12 May 2016, after which the voting process culminates

Please note that ACCA reserves the right to cancel any vote which is not sent to us as per the above procedure.


Haroon A Jan
Head of Member Affairs
ACCA Pakistan
61-C  Main Gulberg  Lahore Pakistan

Historic & Groundbreaking ACCA – LTBA MOU – ACCA MNP Elections 2016-18


Below are the pictures from the historic MOU signing between Lahore Tax Bar Association & ACCA which opened up the doors of tax practice and possibilities along-with career development for ACCA fraternity, an area previously dominated by some other accountancy bodies. This then led to the initiative that culminated in the practising liscence being issued in Pakistan (again i was the pioneer ACCA liscence holder).

Mr. Chas Roy Chowdhury, the (Global) Head of Taxation ACCA was specially invited to Pakistan and was the keynote speaker. The highlight of the event was Chas Roy Chowdhury being awarded an unprecedented Honorary Membership of LTBA.

This was achieved in my capacity as the pioneer ACCA member and Chairman Liaison Committee, LTBA. It is about such groundbreaking initiatives, that I wish to build upon for the betterment and professional development of ACCA fraternity.

This can only be possible with your vote and kind support.

Please visit

My Professional Profile, Achievements for ACCA & Manifesto

to decide.

ACCA MNP Elections – A thank you email from an ACCA mentored

Assalam O Alikum,

Below is an email from another ACCA fraternity member who was mentored. This is the kind of unprecedented work for the professional development of ACCA fraternity that I wish to build upon further. However, it can only be possible with your support.

Kindly spare a few minutes to read the link below outlining my professional intro, achievements and manifesto:

If you’re kind enough to support my candidature with your valuable vote, please also share with your circle.

Thanks in anticipation.

From:  Kanwal (***********@gmail.com) You moved this message to its current location.
Sent: 28 February 2016 12:30:34
To: ozmeer@mlcc.pk
AOA Omer Saheb,

I hope you are doing well.

I just wanted to share with you my personal feedback on the webinar of Sales Tax Act 1990.

Firstly, many Congratulations for another successful webinar. The Session II was as good and interactive as the last one. I am absolutely inspired by the way you cater every question so politely and humbly. I have  learned a lot from you sir and truly appreciate the efforts ACCA and its team puts to create such a valuable learning experience.

Miss Kanwal ********, ACCA

ACCA MNP Elections: A heart-touching email

Dear Readers,

Assalam O Alikum,

Please find below a highly motivating and heart-touching email by an attendee of one of the several CPD sessions that Mr. Omer Zaheer Meer conducted on taxation to build the capacity of our ACCA fraternity.

(The email id is blanked out for privacy protection)

From:  Aayesha (*******************)
Sent: 10 April 2016 21:20:35
To: ozmeer@mlcc.pk


I pray are doing well
Dear Sir,
I am writing to express my gratitude. i am an ACCA affiliate and i have attended almost all sessions on sales tax. I think about writing every time but i didn’t. reasons 1- I m not a good writer, 2- having bad writing skills 3- poor English.
By conducting such sessions ACCA and You have bestowed great favor upon us.All what i can do for you in return is PRAY.

Sir i have been rejected so many times in many interviews and tests and i was completely hopeless. I was thinking about to quit and then i received an unexpected call. This wasn’t my best performance but i am selected only because of Pakistan tax knowledge. With out you it was impossible i believe. Thank you for absolutely every thing 🙂

I also want to request you to please add me in the list of fortunes so that I can get updates about tax. I am sharing my contact details. If ever i can serve you, it would be an honor.
Respect, Gratitude and Best Regards,
Ayesha Noreen
  • It is this kind of beneficial work for ACCA fraternity that Mr. Omer Zaheer Meer aims to continue and further build upon after getting elected to the MNP.
  • For his election statement, please click on the link below:
  • Thanks in anticipation of your kind support and valuable vote for Mr. Omer Zaheer Meer during ACCA’s MNP elections.

Election Statement for ACCA’s MNP

Mr. Omer Zaheer Meer’s

Election Statement for ACCA’s MNP


RI 2810 2

My name is Omer Zaheer Meer. I’m currently serving as a Partner at Millennium Law & Corporate Company (pioneer ACCA practicing firm in Pak) and a Director at Professionals’ Social Network. I’m also an experienced trainer with a number of esteemed organizations in corporate, public and academic sectors including ACCA, LTBA, MPDD, LCCI, UET, BU, e.t.c. Besides, I’m a regular contributor to various daily publications and research journals.

I’m a highly IT literate and experienced professional with top notch skills in accounting, finance, management and economics, holding CFA Charter, FCCA (senior fellow ACCA), the Anti-Money Laundering Specialization, BSc (Hons) in Applied Accounting and several professional certifications from UK along-with 15 years’ plus fund of experience gained in top management positions in leading British and Pakistani companies. Please read my detailed introduction: https://omerzaheermeer.wordpress.com/about/

Existing Contributions towards ACCA community:


I already contributed to the development of ACCA community, duly recognized and resulting in being nominated as an MNP member for the last few months during which the endeavors undertaken resulted in an unprecedented rise in members’ satisfaction. Please have a look at the major achievements: https://omerzaheermeer.wordpress.com/2016/04/17/omer-zaheer-meer-fcca-cfa-aml-expert-profile-for-mnp-elections-2016/




If successful, I’ll continue to work with utmost honesty, dedication and unrelenting passion to contribute to the ACCA community in the following ways InshaAllah:


  • Providing relevant CPD events to equip members with vital skills allowing them to progress in their careers
  • Work towards reduction of ACCA subscription fee for members
  • Generate more career opportunities for members by working closely with and facilitating employers in hiring ACCA members
  • Mentoring members for their professional and career development
  • Promote closer networking opportunities amongst members
  • Collaborations with regulators and other professional bodies to enhance recognition of ACCA
  • Work towards introduction of local taxation variant (P6) in ACCA curriculum and/or a tax certification.
  • Promote ACCA brand in Pakistan thereby creating more value for members

Thanks for your precious time and in anticipation of your kind vote and support.

Omer Zaheer Meer FCCA, CFA, AML Expert- Profile for MNP Elections 2016

Dear Reader,


May this writeup find you in the best of spirits.

Professional Intro:

You may have already read my general professional introduction. If you haven’t please have a look at:


Major Endeavors/Achievements for ACCA Community:

This is however to briefly introduce some of the brilliant endeavors undertaken for the development of ACCA community and thereby the accountancy profession in Pakistan.

  • Conducted and proposed CPDs particularly focused on taxation and local corporate laws to equip the members, affiliates and students with necessary technical skills in this extremely important area. (View Details )
  • Conducted almost all the taxation CPDs and one-third of the total CPDs for ACCA fraternity.
  • They’ve been phenomenally successful within the ACCA community and well received by the members of other accountancy bodies too, which in itself speaks of the top quality of the offering. The attendees included the top officials of firms, MNCs, businesses and public sector organizations.
  • These trainings have led to a multitude of members getting equipped for and landing job opportunities. The member satisfaction in Pakistan has increased manifolds and the CPD program is taken as a benchmark by the global head office. (View Details)
  • Represented and expedited for ACCA members in Pakistan to formally join the Taxation sector by getting joint events organized between the largest tax bar in Asia, LTBA and ACCA as Chairman Liaison Committee of LTBA.
  • This resulted in increased footprint for ACCA and culminated in an MOU between both bodies signed by ACCA’s Head of Taxation (Global) giving a formal pathway to ACCA members towards the lucrative taxation practice. (View Details)
  • Prior to this achievment, on my return from UK, I became the first ever ACCA to be enrolled as a member of a tax bar in Pakistan. This broke the monopoly of certain accountancy bodies there, created a precedent and opened up doors for ACCA members to join tax bars in Pakistan.
  • Organized collaborations between ACCA and LCCI resulting in ACCA being duly recognized by and included in the committees of LCCI; hence cementing the footprints of ACCA & opening of job opportunities at leading businesses for ACCA members.
  • Represented and/or introduced ACCA at various forums including LCCI, LTBA, MPDD, UET, several think tanks – being on their boards, e.t.c.
  • Moreover, prepared ACCA’s taxation proposals for the joint initiative with LCCI. This was unprecedented as ACCA was the ONLY accountancy body to be involved in this endeavor.
  • Helped organize and represented ACCA at the largest joint pre-budget seminar graced by dignitaries from all major tax bars, chambers, accountancy bodies and even the FBR team. Chairman FBR, the Chief Guest, highly appreciated the ACCA presentation by myself. This led to further enhanced footprint and acceptability of ACCA in Pakistan.  (View Details)
  • Proposed the idea of and assisted in ACCA’s practising liscence program for Pakistan.
  • Became the first ever ACCA practising license holder in Pakistan as a test case to ensure a smooth journey for all ACCA members in Pakistan. (View Details)
  • Similarly, my firm (Millennium Law & Corporate Company) became the Pioneer ACCA practising firm in Pakistan to create a case study for all ACCA members as well as bolstering the ACCA acceptance & footprints amongst professional firms.   (View Details)
  • Mentored a significant number of members, affiliates and students with their professional and personal inquiries, thereby contributing my share in the development of the ACCA community. (View Details)
  • Initiated unprecedented forums for ACCA community to interact with each other and the ACCA officials with ease.
  • Delivered the first ever “Thinking Ahead with ACCA” (a Ted Talk inspired program) on CPEC for enhanced recognition of ACCA in professional circles and increasing awareness of current issues within ACCA community. This is expected to be released soon globally.
  • Chaired ACCA’s Taxation sub-committee and finalized the budget and taxation proposals in an unprecedented manner which will further enhance the recognition of ACCA’s technical prowess amongst the relevant circles.
  • Recognized as a top professional to represent ACCA in the Professional Expert Forum.

These are just a few of the major endeavors, most of which were achieved in a very short span of time without being a part of the MNP.

Recognition by ACCA:

It was followed by few months being an MNP member as ACCA Pakistan in recognition of the outstanding achievements for ACCA community, nominated me as a technocrat member of the MNP. This allowed to further improve the deliverance for the collective benefit of the ACCA community.


Therefore as an elected MNP member, I’ll be able to more effectively pursue a lot of positive projects planned for the future, achieving the highest standards of excellence for the benefits of the ACCA community, InshaAllah.

Request for Vote, Support & Campaign:

But this can ONLY be possible with your support and trust. In view of the above, you’re humbly requested for your kind:

  1. vote for my MNP candidature
  2. support by asking your contacts for the same &
  3. campaigning by spreading this message and your recommendation on social media and elsewhere.

Voting Process:

You shall be receiving an email from ACCA soon with the detailed instructions on the voting process.

Contact Details:

Thanks in anticipation of a positive response. Please feel free to contact me as always for any support and suggestions.

Cell:                0322-4219292

Email:             ozmeer@mlcc.pk

myMfb.com:  Omer Zaheer Meer

Twitter:          @Omer Zaheer Meer

Hero of Islamic World Dr. A Q Khan’s Felicitation message for Millat Thinkers’ Forum

Below is the felicitation message sent by Honorable Dr. A.Q. Khan, Hero of the Islamic World & Father of Pakistan’s Atomic Program on the auspicious occasion of the inauguration of the first indigenous, independent and international standard think-tank of Pakistan and Millat-e-Islamiya,

“Millat Thinkers’ Forum”

                               18th July 2014

Mr. Omer Zaheer Meer,                                                                                                              


Millat Thinkers’ Forum.


My dear Meer Sb,    Assalamo Alaikum,

I would like to congratulate you wholeheartedly on the formal inauguration of the Millat Thinkers’ Forum. It was the need of the hour that a forum be established where top professionals, successful businessmen, entrepreneurs, scholars, academics, media personalities, parliamentarians, lawyers, social workers, etc. can have discussions and brainstorm on matters of national importance and inform the public and the rulers of possible recommended solutions.

Most Western countries have such Think Tanks, which play an important role in advising the government on important matters. I hope that the Millat Thinkers’ Forum will be able to play the same positive role in Pakistan.

With my best wishes for the success of your highly commendable and nationally important initiative, I congratulate you once again on this auspicious occasion.

With profound regards.


Yours sincerely,

Dr. A.Q. Khan

NI & Bar, HI