Daily YouTube Professional Videos

Dear Readers,

Assalam O Alikum (Peace be on you),

In continuation of our post addressing the same matter regarding converting the ongoing crisis into a blessing by investing in your development (https://omerzaheermeer.wordpress.com/2020/04/08/convert-the-covid-19-crisis-into-a-blessing-youtube-professional-trainings/) and our continued efforts in this regard, we’re pleased to share with that we’ll be again sharing daily professional videos on topical issues from various training sessions, tv programs, e.t.c. at:

Omer Zaheer Meer’s Youtube Channel

You may want to save the release time in your schedule as there will be a

new release EVERY DAY at 3:30 PM Pakistan Time (GMT+5)

We hope this will deliver value for you and ask you to also share this in your circle and social media to spread awareness.

Best Wishes,

Team #OZM

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