YouTube Premiere of ACCA & PSX Post Budget 2020 Seminar

#ACCA recently organized a seminar on #Budget2020 with Pakistan Stock Exchange – PSX as a knowledge partner.

A power packed panel contributed to the well-attended & thought provoking seminar with insightful discussions. I was honored to moderate the panel discussion. There was a 100% positive feedback with requests for the session’s recording.

The participants included:

1. Ibrahim Kasumbi, Director & ex-SVP, Umair Petro Chemical & #KCCI

2. Adnan Mufti, Partner, Moore, Shekha & Mufti

3. Haider Ali Patel, Senior Partner, #EY Ford Rhodes

4. Omer Zaheer Meer, Managing Partner, MLCC & Chairman, MNP & #Tax Committee, ACCA & Member, Global Tax Forum

5. Sajjeed Aslam, Head of ACCA (Pak)

6. Zeeshan Shahid, Partner , #Deloitte Yousaf Adil

Be the first to watch the recording of this on the YouTube premiere on Wed, 24th June at 3:30 PM Pak Time (GMT+5)

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