PEF Recognition Award in the landmark 200k+ year for ACCA

In recognition of his exemplary services and outstanding contributions for the profession and fraternity, Mr. Omer Zaheer Meer was bestowed with the PEF (Professionals’ Expert Forum) recognition award by ACCA (the largest global accountancy body).

Mr. Tim Mahne, Director Sales & Marketing (Global), ACCA himself presented the recognition certificate.

Mr. Meer said: “I’m honored and grateful for this recognition. We all owe it to the profession to give back to the wider society in all manners that we can. It is not a favor onto anyone but a duty that we’re lucky to be able to perform.

I’m grateful to my family, particularly my parents for their continuous support and also to all my colleagues.  Thanks to the entire Team #ACCA as it wouldn’t have been possible without their encouragement.  Also a heartily “well-done” to the other nominees for their fantastic efforts too.”


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