Professional Training Webinars – ACCA MNP Elections 2016-18


Below are some pictures from a few of the several (online) professional training webinars sessions in addition to the physical CPD sessions across Pakistan where the focus was on developing the core competencies and skills of ACCA fraternity.

In addition to ACCA members, people from all spheres of profession including partners of ICAP firms, Directors of companies, Practitioners and Consultants besides others attended the sessions, a testimony to the quality offered.

History was made with over 60 CPD sessions delivered by ACCA in just a few months, with me conducting the majority and almost all the sessions on Taxation at a personal sacrifice of own business for betterment of profession and thereby Pakistan.

This helped strengthen image of ACCA as taxation was perceived as a weakness of the ACCA fraternity.

It is my vision and aim to build upon such historic successes for the betterment and professional development of ACCA fraternity.

This can only be possible with your vote and kind support in the ongoing MNP elections.

Please visit            My Professional Profile, Achievements for ACCA & Manifesto  to consider me worthy of your valuable vote & kind support.

Thanks in anticipation.

Kind Regards,

Omer Zaheer Meer (ACCA MNP Candidate Sr. No: 23)


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