CONGRATS – ACCA Pak allows email-voting for MNP Elections 2016-2018


Please find below the email confirming & outlining the process. We appreciate ACCA executives for accepting this proposal for increased members’ engagement and ease of voting.

Please visit            My Professional Profile, Achievements for ACCA & Manifesto

to consider me worthy of your valuable vote.

Thanks in anticipation.


Omer Zaheer Meer


From:  Haroon Ahmad Jan ( This sender is in your safe list.
Sent: 05 May 2016 07:58:51

Dear ACCA Members

ACCA Pakistan Members Network Panel in their last meeting held on 29 April 2016 discussed the ongoing MNP elections. The MNP suggested that in addition to personal voting and voting through postal mails, scanned ballot papers sent through email may also be considered valid. ACCA Pakistan has carefully evaluated the suggestion in view of the MNP constitution and security of the voting process and has decided to make a provision for accepting scanned ballots through email. However the following instructions need to be adhered to:

1.    The email must be sent at

2.    The email subject should be “ACCA Pakistan MNP Election 2016-18”

3.    The original ballot paper (already emailed to members) should be scanned and must contain member’s original signatures and registration ID

4.    Emails must not be sent at any other address and nobody should be copied/ blind copied to ensure confidentiality

5.    Emails votes must reach us by 5.00pm on 12 May 2016, after which the voting process culminates

Please note that ACCA reserves the right to cancel any vote which is not sent to us as per the above procedure.


Haroon A Jan
Head of Member Affairs
ACCA Pakistan
61-C  Main Gulberg  Lahore Pakistan


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