Historic & Groundbreaking ACCA – LTBA MOU – ACCA MNP Elections 2016-18


Below are the pictures from the historic MOU signing between Lahore Tax Bar Association & ACCA which opened up the doors of tax practice and possibilities along-with career development for ACCA fraternity, an area previously dominated by some other accountancy bodies. This then led to the initiative that culminated in the practising liscence being issued in Pakistan (again i was the pioneer ACCA liscence holder).

Mr. Chas Roy Chowdhury, the (Global) Head of Taxation ACCA was specially invited to Pakistan and was the keynote speaker. The highlight of the event was Chas Roy Chowdhury being awarded an unprecedented Honorary Membership of LTBA.

This was achieved in my capacity as the pioneer ACCA member and Chairman Liaison Committee, LTBA. It is about such groundbreaking initiatives, that I wish to build upon for the betterment and professional development of ACCA fraternity.

This can only be possible with your vote and kind support.

Please visit

My Professional Profile, Achievements for ACCA & Manifesto

to decide.

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