Rejoinder to perplexing “Whither PTI?”

Rejoinder to perplexing “Whither PTI?” (28 Nov13)

By: Omer Zaheer Meer

(Below was written with 400 words limit in response to an article titled “Whither PTI?” published in The News dated 28th Nov 13)

Comparing a political party’s struggle for its people to a mafia amounts to tainting the glorious struggles for just causes across the globe transversely through time and nations. Does the writer believe all those heroes to be mafias too? Perspective and intentions are everything. Just like a soldier’s war for a just cause cannot be compared with mafia wars, similarly a political party protesting for its peoples’ lives cannot be either.

What is an honest leader and a political party supposed to do if their federal government does not fulfill its social contract to protect its citizens from foreign aggression? Stay silent on the massacres?

The drone attack inside KPK was on mainland Pakistan and if unchecked can lead to our major cities getting bombed at will. If anything, PTI should be praised and appreciated for not only are they allowing people to retain faith in the system but also strengthening the hands of the federal government on a national issue.

The transporters’ income mentioned repeatedly in the article is neither material macro-economically nor going to last forever. It is better to make permanent alternates now. In any case the losses of over $ 100 billion (much more than total foreign debt of Pakistan), along with 50,000 lives sacrificed makes this seems like a peanut anyway.

As for USAID projects, Mr. Imran Khan has repeatedly clarified that they’re from previous government’s tenure and that  PTI did not enter into any new ones. It is flawed logic to justify foreign aggression on this pretext. Humanitarian aid does not give a license to kill to the donors.

It is high time that we think out of the box with an open mind and break the shackles of fears Musharraf gifted us. Pakistan is not Libya, Iraq or Afghanistan. It’s a vital nuclear armed nation, which the US in financial crisis, in an increasingly multi-polar world is dependent on in more ways than one. Problem is that we, ourselves fail to realize and capitalize on this.

Remember if there’s a problem within your home you do not allow outsiders to punish your family members. Pakistan has repeatedly offered USA to transfer predator drone technology so that we can ourselves take care of the unwanted elements. If USA is sincere why it refuses to do so and instead act to destabilize Pakistan?

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