PTI’s Peace March to Waziristan – Inside Story – An Eyewitness Account Part 1/2

This account is owed to this Nation and the Global community, as we all deserve to know the truth. More so, in the face of the propaganda warfare by pro-status co parties and those with vested interests.

The main caravan started on 6th October 2012 from Islamabad under the leadership of Chairman PTI, Mr. Imran Khan. Several other caravans from all over and different areas of Punjab and KPK joined in along the way. The overnight stay was at D I Khan. Different caravans kept on joining in all night with constant travel in the morning to destination despite coming from long distance travel.

We’ll begin with examining the claims by Government that they did not create any hurdles for the March so as to enable us to “appreciate” their marvelous “assistance”.

a)      As the Interior Minister Mr. Abdul Rehman Malik was utmost “concerned” about the environment of fear as well as the safety of the people he thought of a golden idea. He thought it was a good idea to make public statements about six suicide bombers in the march. This “information” was communicated to PTI’s leadership to “persuade” them to call off the March. This can give wrong ideas to those having a stake in attacking the peace march obviously didn’t cross the mind of our “innocent” Interior Minister. Of course, his “credibility” due to false past announcements did not really help this maneuver.

b)      Seeing that it did not succeed in deterring either Mr. Imran Khan or the thousands of Pakistanis marching bravely the number of suicide bombers was than increased to nine (9) “confirmed” bombers amongst the marchers. Unfortunately the non-grateful masses did not appreciate these “efforts” by Mr. Malik.

c)      Being worried for the safety of the people the “genius” that is Mr. Malik and the PPP Govt, came up with another masterpiece. It was announced and communicated that water sources were being poisoned to “welcome” the march. Now this was really something. Imagine the environment of fear and confusion. But what to do? These people, these marchers, proudly displaying Pakistani flags as well as the red over green of PTI were still marching on like nothing happen, like they don’t fear.

d)     Now it was the turn of the KPK Government of ANP to play their “caring” part. Their magical “whisper” in the ears of the central Government resulted in the Political Agent announcing no security for the march. Guess what, we didn’t need it from them anyway.

e)      This being unacceptable the ANP Government, “worried” to the core (for reasons some would say were political) got the entire side-ways digged up with main roads being blocked by Armored Vehicles and Containers. Surely the marchers cannot go any further now or can they?

f)       How can the local political parties stay behind? They also jumped in with their own “noble” deeds. Threatening leaflets were distributed and attributed to Taliban who clarified they had nothing to do with it. More bad were the testimonies of local people incriminating one JUI-F (Yes Molana’s party) with distribution of the “leaflets”. Maybe Molana Sb just took a contract from a “new” faction of Taliban to distribute their leaflets. Anyway even this didn’t work to scare off the participants who had on their heads an aim to help the helpless.

g)      If Mr. Malik can be undeterred in the face of all adversity how can our “beloved” Moulana be any less. Leaflets or not this march had to be stopped but how?

h)      Announcement started beaming from the sound systems of Masjids organized by guess who? Ok let us leave it to your imagination. A certain political party, calling for “Jihad” against the Peace March alleging it was bringing “Jews and Christians” along with. This was without thought to the cause and the tradition of welcoming guests. “Sadly” this “noble” effort could not deter the brave people of Pakistan united under the colors of red and green from marching on for the sake of the numerous helpless victimized in the cycle of violence.

i)         Government than resorted to delaying tactics by putting obstacles on the route and digging up the nearby foot routes resulting in a lot of time being wasted.

Since the details of the peace march from Islamabad to D I Khan are well publicized we’ll move onto the lesser known but more controversial part of the Peace March, which is the part from D I Khan onward.

The participants were gathering at various points of D I Khan since the evening of 6th October 2012. On the morning of 7th people started gathering outside the farmhouse where Mr. Imran Khan was staying. We along with a group of friends and others unknown yet bonded with us in their love for the country decided to march ahead and wait for the rest at a further point. This was to prove a good idea in hindsight.

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