Press Release: PTI achieved Unprecedented Success for the cause of Pakistan – The furthermost part of the Peace March Reached within kilometers of Jandola despite threats and hurdles by Government and pro Status-Co Parties: Mr. Omer Meer

(8th Oct 2012, Lahore) – Chief Co-Ordinator of PTI’s Election Cell (Punjab) and ex-Member Executive Council, Insaf Youth Wing, Mr. Omer Zaheer Meer congratulated the nation and specially the youth for the successful Peace March. He said that despite a web of lies, misinformation and threats by Government and pro status-co parties, PTI’s supporters and the entire Pakistani nation stood brave and therefore succeeded in achieving the aim of highlighting the issue of drone attacks against innocent civilians as well as violation of Pakistan’s sovereignty, internationally.

He said that the Government and its’ allies should be ashamed of their lies and tactics with Interior Minister spreading lies about nine suicide bombers and water being poisoned whereas the local security establishments on duty threatened the participants with “roads paved with IED’s” at several places including at “Mian Mohram Sultan”. The distribution of threatening leaflets and even the announcement from Masjids organized by a certain political party, calling for “Jihad” against the Peace March alleging it was bringing “Jews and Christians” along with, could not deter the brave people of Pakistan united under the colors of red and green. Government than resorted to delaying tactics by putting obstacles on the route and digging up the nearby foot routes resulting in a lot of time being wasted.

Despite all these threats and tactics, people of Pakistan broke free the shackles of fear under the leadership of Chairman Imran Khan. The rulers and their cronies should now be afraid of the moment this passion descends upon Islamabad to break it free from the shackles of slavery. Entire nation and specially the youth are ready for the call.

Mr. Meer further said that although no media outlet reported it but the foremost part of the historic Peace March reached within kilometers of Jandola where he was himself present and helping party workers and leaders remove the obstacles. They had a standoff with local Political Agent who arrived accompanied by forces under his command. The tigers of PTI remained peaceful as per Chairman’s instructions and thus set a glorious example. He also broke news that tens’ of thousands of people had gathered in KotKai, Wana and surrounding areas and this was the reason why Governor KPK sent the political agent with strict instructions not to let the Peace March reach Jandola, “even if heavens may fall”. He pointed out that if you saw the enthusiasm in Tank where the entire city came out on streets, you can imagine what would have been the scenes in KotKai. The “Jalsa” in Tank was done in a rush and thousands of people were still ahead and behind the Jalsa. The nation should be proud of what we achieved and the bravery on its’ sons and daughters.

Media Team, Election Cell (Punjab) PTI



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