Chairman PTI Mr. Imran Khan’s special message to the Nation for the upcoming Historic Sialkot Jalsa (23rd March 2012)

The hero of the 1992 Cricket World Cup win, founder of SKCHRC, founder of Namal University, Chancellor of Bradford University, the most popular leader of Pakistan, a symbol of Change for the people of Pakistan and Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Mr. Imran Khan was discussing some important matters pertaining to the future of Pakistan.

I suggested him to deliver a special message for the upcoming historical PTI Jalsa in Sialkot to which he agreed. This is what happened next:

Me: Assalam O Alikum Khan Sahib, Thanks a lot for giving us time. What’s your message for the youth and people of Pakistan on the occassion of the upcoming historic Jalsa in Sialkot (23rd March 2012).

IK: The Jalsa in Sialkot is an important part of our tsunami …..

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Ask yourself is he not the best of all politicians? Is he not the best amongst them all for Pakistan?

If yes, and indeed he is, than come join hands for a positive change on 23rd March 2012 (Friday) to write a new chapter in the history of Pakistan.

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