Wishing You all a Very Happy New Year

At the beginning of 2011,

Thanks to those who loved me,  they made my Heart Bigger.

Thanks to those who hated me,  they made me a Stronger Person.

Thanks to those who were worried for me,  they let me know they Care for Me.

Thanks to those who left me,  they made me realise Nothing Lasts forever.

Thanks to those who entered my life and never left,  they made me realise Who I am.

And last but not the least,

I apologise to those who I might have hurt, for I never intended to.


Wishing You all a Very Happy New Year


7 thoughts on “Wishing You all a Very Happy New Year

  1. 1 Januari 2011,
    hope MFB can unity all muslim in the world.
    Kejayaan Islam akan datang …
    kita akan bersama meraihnya !
    Alloh akan menolong hambaNya
    yang menolong agama Allah …
    Insya Allah kerja yangdiberkahi Allah
    Brother Omar !

  2. i love MFB as it has all the features that any social network offers and many more like
    .your own space called “wall”
    .e-mail facility .events
    .groups .fan pages .blogs .polls
    .forums .pictures/video uploading and
    .games sharing facilities
    .personal ‘friends’chat ‘quizzes
    .(MFB)millatfacebook also offers unique features
    that no other social network offers
    free live tv shout box
    .recipes .school
    .bulletins .multimedia
    .public chat
    .live “kabah view”
    .classifieds section
    .(free buying/selling)
    .over 480,000 members globally in a few months
    3,000(only in usa)for zionisst owned,islamphbsc facebook
    .pioneer muslim social network (sn)
    .largest muslim sn
    .hailed by world media as a “great and positive effort b by muslims”

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