5 thoughts on “Eyeopener – Are you being profiled? – Reality of Facebook everyone should know – CIA Profile Database?

  1. Assalam o alaikum

    My Dear Brother, how are You?
    Now I’m blogging and keep for spread about millatfacebook to all people, specially Indonesian People 🙂

    This is the old story. Every thing is temporary. Their craziness in the world. Will be destroyed along with their pride. Sad to see their weaknesses. It was good when they are conscious and aware. Our struggle scratched. In the face of complete peace. Hope is still there. We are general and capable of winning.

    When the eye that sees the world began to fade faded toward black, We prepared to accept all of the dark eternity shall greet, are We going to do the best because soon the light was no longer speak, only memories in the heads of red, blue, yellow and finally all remaining forgotten.

    If You don’t mind, let me make a poem for that case :

    The Beauty of the world can I see it.
    Thank to ALLAH to given me this vision.
    Although sometimes sin invites the eye.
    Then possessed me to forget ALLAH.
    Replace Qur’an with temporary pleasures of sin.

    Please do not take my eyes 😦 😥

    Dark.. dark.. dark.. will only make a social call.
    For the umpteenth time give a chance again.
    I still want to see the greatness of ALLAH.

    ALLAH do not take my vision.

    As We know, Our enemies never go down to make Us gone, but We must still keep Our Eyes to againts them.

    InshALLAH We Will WIN 😉

    Take care my Dear – True and Lovely Brother’s 🙂

    Your Indonesian Brother, Fajar Sukmanda as Ordinary People

    ALLAH Hafiz

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