Happy Independence Day Pakistan – Muslims will YOU be like Insar-e-Madina this Ramadan?

First of all Happy Independence Day to all the Pakistanis.

Now the following is addressed to all the muslims across the globe and the humanity in general. Over 1400 years ago there was a migration. People left their homes, relative and properties and largely arrived empty-handed to a new city. A city which was unknown to most of them, where most of them had no relative and where they had no right of abode.

But what happened than was not only a spectacle at that time but a shining example for the humanity even today.

The immigrants were not only welcomed with open hands and hearts but accepted as brotheren. Each local took one immigrant and made him his brother. Their charity and care was to the extent that they shared all their belongings with them in equal. As if this was not enough, some went to the lengths to console those who lost their wives and families due to oppression of those they had come running from that they offered to get them married to their loved ones ………………………………………………… Can humanity present any other such example? ……….. No ……….. Who were these people? …………………. Muslims and their only relation was Humanity and the Bond of brotheren created by Islam as per the guidance Allah Almighty sent via his last and most noble Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Today your Muslim Brothers and sisters are in dire need again. Tens of Millions of Muslims (Women, Children, Old and Young) have lost EVERYTHING. They are in dire need of help even to survive daily. They have left nothing. Their homes destroyed, their livelihoods destroyed, they dislocated from their neighbourhoods with only what was  on their bodies when the tragedy of the WORST FLOODS IN OVER 80 YEARS IN THE REGION STRUCK.

In this blessed month of Ramadan, they are asking Allah for help. They have no one but Allah to look forward to.

Would you become the answer to their cries?????????

Would you show generosity and brotherhood as our forefathers did???????????

Would you feel their pain in YOUR heart as if they were a part of your family????????????

Would you try to replicate what Insar-e-Madina did???????????????????????????????????????????

Remember before everything else we are all Humans. And our Prophet Muhammad PBUH said that Muslims are like one body. If one part is hurt another cannot remain unaffected.

Prove to your conscience that you are indeed a muslim. Please come forward and help your Muslim brothers and sisters devastated by a MASSIVE TRAGEDY in which TENS OF MILLIONS have LOST EVERYTHING except their lives which are at stake now.

Come forward and help ……………. even a 1.5 Litre water bottle can help save a life. Show generosity and let us all together reignite the glory that was created by Insar-e-Madina.

NB: MFB (Millat Facebook) is coming back ASAP InshAllah and we are launching a full-fledged relief effort for the flood VICTIMS InshAllah. Details of support fund and activities will be provided soon. Please come forward and help us help those who need it the most.

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