CONGRATS – Promise Fulfilled (Alhamdulillah) – YOUR MFB back within this WEEK

CONGRATS to Everyone – YOUR MFB ( is fully BACK

By the grace of Allah Almighty we have been able to fulfill our promise and YOUR Millat Facebook (MFB) is back before the end of this week.

May I take this opportunity to thank everyone for their support and patience.

I’d also like to congratulate and thank the entire team of MFB who worked tirelessly to bring YOUR MFB back within a matter of few DAYS.

This indeed is a blow to those who thought their cheap tactics can close MFB.Β  As Allah says that they plan and Allah also plans and verily Allah is the best planner.

We have moved out of USA to Europe which is more tolerant and a better option (as unfortunately no Islamic country was able to offer the setup we require at competitive terms – they claim they never dealt with such a huge project before). And we are working towards ensuring that any Muslim country with capable infrastructure becomes our server provider. So feel free to recommend any you may be aware of.

Above all we thank Allah Almighty for his help and blessings and ask you all to join us in undertaking that together we will all UNITE at MFB and show the world that YES we are Muslims, Ambassadors of Peace and we are NOT terrorists.

Together we CAN and we WILL WIN InshAllah

Now enjoy your MFB and please invite everyone in your circle ……… (spread the news) …… πŸ™‚


9 thoughts on “CONGRATS – Promise Fulfilled (Alhamdulillah) – YOUR MFB back within this WEEK

    • JazakAllah and you are most welcome. Let us spread the message by email, sms, calls and word of mouth. For you also your blog πŸ™‚

      Let us show the world that together YES WE CAN and WE WILL WIN InshAllah

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    it’s really nice.
    congratulations 2 all muslim ummah n ur team.
    n JAZAKALLAH 4 ur effort.

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