Thanks for the Support and Care …. YOUR MFB will be back very soon (Hopefully within this week InshAllah)

Thanks for the comments and prayers to everyone. We at MFB are really humbled by your support, care and motivation specially the numerous emails pouring in.

While it is not possible to reply everyone personally, I try my best to do to as many as possible. But everyone is replied by a member of the MFB team.

  • You all are the pride of Humanity and Muslim Ummah.
  • It is because of you all that MFB has created history with already OVER 415,000 Members and has become the largest social network by Muslims.
  • But there is still a long way to go. This is just the start of the journey.

Let us all stay united and consistent and together show the world that YES we are Muslims, Ambassadors of PEACE and we are NOT terrorists.

Let us tell the world that no matter how hard it gets we will NEVER surrender and eventually we WILL WIN InshAllah.

78 thoughts on “Thanks for the Support and Care …. YOUR MFB will be back very soon (Hopefully within this week InshAllah)

  1. Assalam-0-Alikum!
    Please make site up and active as soon as possible. We are waiting.

    I have some queries

    Would all our data be available or not?

    You once said that Pakistan’s PTCL will avail hosting for you. What is the progress in this respect?

    Can you activate forums uptil then so that members stay connected?

    Waiting for MFB

    • Waalikum Us Salam,

      We will get YOUR MFB back within days InshAllah.

      Your accounts would be available.

      The arrangements with companies in Islamic countries are moving forward but it will take months as they have never provided such infrastructure before. Apparently this is first time a Pakistani and a Muslim Website of this magnitude has been launched.

      And re the last suggestion, please email


  2. Dear brother Omer Zaheer Meer,


    Ramadan Mubarak to you and your staff. The sinister activities of Zionists and Christians against the believers is not a new thing. They are doing it right from the times of our Prophet (PBUH). But the Muslims are giving them a befitting response and Insha Allah this time too they will be humiliated and the services of MFB will be restored soon.

    A member of MFB from INDIA

    • WuS Brother Syed Azhar Ali,

      Thanks for the support and Ramadan Mubarak to you and all the Muslims in India from the entire team of MFB.

      Together we will show the world the true meanings of Islam and eventually with our unity we will WIN InshAllah.


  3. Enemies should know that insisting for MFB to be closed does not mean that we Muslims are separated,cos it is not only our MFB profiles dat are connected to each other.Our hearts are also connected spritually,can u [enemies of Islam]do anything to separate this spritual connection made by ALLAH[THE ONE AND ONLY]?If u cant,then know that u can never ever overpower us.

  4. Assalamu alaikum…
    i am hopeing to become a be best website in the world….
    insha allah we can catch many people from the world and can keep a good rocord in the world….
    and plz re-open the website as quikly as possible

    • Unfortunately the companies their don’t seem to have the infrastrure required.

      Please feel free to recommend any you think has the necessary setup, as Muslim countries are our first choice.

  5. Kalau boleh bahasa melayu ada sekali. Bahasa melayu dan bahasa indonesia tak jauh bezanya.

    Tak sabar nak gunakan balik Mfb. teruskan berjuang..

  6. Salam!!…i m missing millat badlyy…:(…n 14 aug z sooo near n i hd lotz n lotz ov planzz fr it bt ………nyway keep on going dis great work…..PAKISTAN Zindabad….n AZADE MUBARAK in advance….^_^

  7. JazakAllah everyone. It is your support that keeps us even more motivated. Thanks from the entire team of MFB and we all assure you that we will fight till the last breath.

    And InshAllah your MFB will be back very soon. Most likely this very week. So keep checking to ensure you do not miss out to be among the first ones to reconnect with your OWN MILLAT πŸ™‚

  8. Assalamu’alaikum wa rohmatAlloh wa barokatu.
    I really hope that Millatfacebook’s team could find other host outside the United State in a very near future.
    So that those Islamophobia couldn’t just blocked Millatfacebook anytime that they feel like to.
    They already done it once…
    and now they have done it for the second time…
    I pray to Alloh Subhaanahu Wa Ta’aala that there won’t be a third time for it.

    • JazakAllah. The good news is that yes InshAllah we are moving out of USA but unfortunately it seems at the moment no company in a Muslim country are able to provide the kind of infrastructure we need. Most of them are just amazed as they have never dealt with such a huge scale requirement re servers.

  9. Assalam o alaikum
    My best wishes for MFB staff and whole members all over the world.
    Omer bhai try to get another reliable hosting out side from USA .
    why are yoiu not using any Islamic country server. and other like China .etc
    because they block our MFB second time..and they block once again..
    GOD Bless you I appreciate your efforts.

    Happy Independence Day

  10. salaamalaikum
    well wht happened?will u come back after ramadhan?it was a gr8 chance to garner support n become popular in this holy month.but it was a master stroke by your rivals.missed the opportunity.anywayz i wish u all the best.RAMADHAN MUBARAK to all MFB users.may ALLAH(swt) shower his mercy n blessing on all faithful beleivers who fast and pray.INSHA ALLAH.ALLAH KHAIR REHAM AUR KARAM KARDE.AAMEEN.SUMA AAMEEN.
    waiting for u eagerly to come back as i am addicted to ur site.plz do it fast n come back with a bang.

  11. Assalam o alaikum wr wb.

    Please bring MFB up ASAP…….

    I am dying to see it back online……Please dont delay as we may loose our members…


  12. main dua go hu k millat facebook jald az jald waps ahay aur isay agay dashwari ka samna na karna paray

    ALLAH HUM MUSALMANON per apna khas karam nazal farmain ameen

  13. INSHALLAH we will never surrender,and as you mention that this is just the start of the journey and INSHALLAH one day will come when MFB will have the largest number of users.INSHALLAH

    MBF ROkssssssssssssssss

    • Games are already there with some newer ones. With additional features as Blogs, Bulletins, Shoutbox, etc in addition to all the usual features there is something for everyone to enjoy in your MFB πŸ™‚

  14. Assalamualaikum wr wb, happy fasting to all my muslim family in millat face book. May Allah gaves blessing to our millatfacebook. Me, from Indonesia, very greatfull can be joined to this community. Really can’t wait chat with other muslim family in entired world. When is it starting? Wassalamualaikum.

    • Alhamdulillah YOUR MFB is back and Indonesian language would be available soon too InshAllah

      Indonesian: Alhamdulillah MFB ANDA sudah kembali dan bahasa Indonesia akan segera tersedia juga Insya Allah

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