MFB is fully BACK- Global Media confirms MFB is a “HIT”

Congratulations to all. Millat Facebook is back, better and faster. We are still running some security checks but have fully opened it up. The entire MFB team would like to thank every single member and the supporters for the immense support and look forward to uniting all the muslims and decent people of all faiths on the platform now termed as the future of online social networking ….. Decent, Secure, User Privacy Protected and Enriched.

As they say truth and facts speak for themselves. No matter how much anyone tries to hide them, they come out in the open.

Below are some selections from dozens of Media reports showcasing what the World Media has to say about Millat Facebook, starting from most recent and ranging from confirming MFB’s popularity to declaring it a HIT. It is there for all to see.

In addition, all the common queries re MFB are also  addressed in the Interview with the Hindustan Times and the Broadcast of Radio Netherlands Worldwide.

Let the truth illuminate the darkness of lies and doubts. Please feel free to spread this and source back.

New Statesman:  “Pakistan’s millatfacebook becoming popular” (Over 333,000 Users)

NDTV: “‘Halal’ version of Facebook is a hit in Pakistan” (Over 333,000 Members)

Hindustan Times: “Islam has a branding problem: Millatfacebook CEO”

Ratio Netherlands Worldwide: “Pakistan launches Facebook for the faithful”

15 thoughts on “MFB is fully BACK- Global Media confirms MFB is a “HIT”

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  2. wow…….FiNaLLy……………ThNx………hp knW nVr go oV again….really miSsEd it………….tHnX MFB team……

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  4. That’s ridiculous. They again knock MFB. They are really hurting because of the success of MFB.

    The whole Muslim world is with MFB team.

    MFB will be back on track! Insha’ALLAH.

  5. It would be good if there is no FACEBOOK name within the domain, to show that this social networking is not a copy cat of Facebook, I believe people will love it

    • Thanks for the suggestion. As you can find in my other posts, MFB is not a copy of Mark Zukerberg’s “stolen” FB but has many additional features like bulletins, blogs, shout box, polls, etc etc.

      As for the name, Millat Facebook conveys what MFB is about without even saying a single word, that is an alternate to Mark’s FB by Muslims for all the decent people of all faiths.

      Hope this clarifies. However your suggestion will be considered.

  6. Asslamwalaikum…
    brother we all proud of you … inshaAllah you will be succeed in your mission…may Allah protect you..
    hope it will be re start soon we all are waiting..
    Allah h afiz

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