Misconceptions re MFB & Islam – Reply to Mr. Patel from India

Dear Mr. Patel,
Thanks for the appreciation and please find below the answers to your questions:

1. Congratulations for bring the latest news about MFB and keeping us entertained, was is a big gaffe on your part by using the Facebook Blue in the early days of Millat Facebook? What prompted you to change to green?

Thank You Mr. Patel. There have been and will be constant improvements. Green is the color of peace and harmony which is also our message for everyone.

We are Muslims, Ambassadors of PEACE and we are NOT terrorists

Furthermore as your question seem to stem from the popular misconception that MFB was meant to be a FB clone, which is not true, let me dwell on this a bit more.

The theme is certainly different, the logos and color scheme are unique. There are many different, additional and better features. However, there may be a similar feel due to some common basics all social networking platforms have. It’s just like asking Toyota or BMW why they have an accelerator or gear box when Mercedes have them too. Well, these are the basic essentials but their designs, models and basically the products are different.

Same is the case with Millat Facebook.

2. How do you define sweet people of other religion? Is there some taster (like wine taster) in your organization?

This question is already answered in the blogs and in an interview with the Executive Editor of Hindustan Times, Mr. Gautam Chikermane as below:

Who will define who a “sweet” person from other religions is?

  • No-one needs to, as it is already defined by the socially accepted norms.
  • All the things a decent person would not do in real life should also not be done sitting behind a computer.
  • Islam has a fundamental principle that asks humans to treat their fellow humans just the way they would like to be treated themselves.
  • Therefore we all should exercise our freedoms with care, consideration and concern for our fellow human beings. Freedom is not and therefore should not become an assault on others.

3. Will there be a segregation of sexes? Because as far as I know it is not allowed for men and women to mix freely unless they are related as per Islamic social values. &
4. What is different here that you will offer from Facebook apart from anticipated censorship of any caricature of religious figures? (mainly Islam).

“Basically the objective is to provide a platform for all people, not only Muslims, but nice and decent people of all faiths, to come together and interact in a decent way that is socially responsible by providing them all the freedom of expression, however respecting each others’ sensitivities and faiths. This would allow the decent people to interact without any fear of abuse, hate-mongering and attacks and try to better understand and interact with each other.

[Facebook] seems to allow mockery of religions it has an issue with… The caricatures of the prophet Mohammed were uploaded, and instead of taking any consideration and action, they came out and said they were supporting it.”

Moreover, unlike Mark’s FB that shares its data with NSA (which ends up with CIA for FB users profiling), we have ensure the privacy and security of our members data is upheld to the extent that some of the most private data cannot even be accessed by Administrators and in any case it is and will never be shared with anyone.

In addition to all the above, unlike Mark’s FB, Millat facebook offers the best, most secure and straightforward privacy settings for its members. FB on the other hand has been doing contrary to that despite its members’ constant protests.

5. As you are inviting sweet people of other religions, then would MFB also launch a campaign for Islam followers to accept other religions and learn to respect them. Would you create a page to pressurize Saudi King to allow building temples, churches and synagogues in Saudi Arabia?

Although beyond the scope of MFB, I’d answer your question in the best interest of inter-faith understanding.

Islam teaches that all humans are the children of Adam and Eve and hence are cousins. Those who embrace Islam than become a part of the Islamic Brethren. All Muslims love all humans including non-Muslims (Yes and you might be surprised at this due to popular misconceptions). Now Muslims believe that our non-Muslim cousins are misguided yet are sensitive to their religious sensitivities. Therefore per Islamic orders non-Muslims are allowed to practice their faith freely non-publicly. This is because of the reasons mentioned below:

  • Muslims, despite believing that our non-Muslim cousins are misguided, respect their right to their religious sensitivities and beliefs.
  • As per Islam, Muslims DO NOT insult our non-Muslim cousins, their religion and Idol Gods (as applicable), despite knowing that they are misguided and their beliefs largely false, just for the sake of harmony and respecting their beliefs.
  • Islam and therefore Muslims love all humans and our non-Muslim cousins. Now as per Islam they are proceeding towards eternal failure and hell fire. Islam doesn’t want that for them.
  • We want them to be successful and rather lead us into Heavens. Therefore Islam directs believers to spread the message of peace (Islam) and call all to the One true God (Allah) and eternal success.
  • As there is no pressure in religion (unlike popular non-Muslim misconception), an environment needs to be created for our non-Muslim cousins so that they can find it less difficult socially to heed to the call of their True and ONLY creator.
  • This is the reason why Islam, though respects and allows the practice of the religion and beliefs of our cousins at personal levels, it is not allowed for them to do this publicly in an Islamic Country so that it is easier for those non-Muslim cousins who want to come to the true path to embrace success.
  • In addition, it ensures, that while having all the religious freedom to freely exercise their religion personally, our non-muslim cousins as well as the “Muslim State”  do not indulge in the further sin of misguiding others or stopping someone from heeding to the call of their own creator as Devil’s best weapons include deception, false pretences and material & social fears.

I hope this answers your questions and that you will consider them with an open heart and mind. Once again thanks for your interest and the queries and please feel free to ask again re any more that you may have.

Kind Regards,

Omer Zaheer Meer
ACCA (UK), BSc (Hons) (UK), CAT (UK), Adv. Financial Diploma (UK), Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (UK)
& Certified CSM (LCCI & SMEDA – PAK)

Professional Associations:

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