Congrats – Documentary on MFB by Aljazeera Network – 22/06/10 (6:30 AM GMT) 11:30 AM PST

Alhamdulillah ….. Another Milestone

Tune into Aljazeera (English) tomorrow (22nd June 2010) at 11:30 AM PST (6:30 AM GMT) to watch a documentary on Millat Facebook by Aljazeera Network.

Please watch and spread the message to others to spread the awareness.

Together we CAN and we WILL WIN (InshAllah)

17 thoughts on “Congrats – Documentary on MFB by Aljazeera Network – 22/06/10 (6:30 AM GMT) 11:30 AM PST

  1. Truth will prevale it is my belive one day
    Launch of West London Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf

    Membership Campaign SLOUGH

    After Successful membership drive in Hounslow, West London Team has decided to expand its campaign further into Home Counties,now on 4th july we are going to Launch another membership drive event in slough where we are expective large number of pakistani comunity

    Membership Campaign SLOUGH

    I am comming to pakistan in july hopefully we will meet.
    zaheer carry on your good work.

  2. May I present my sincere congrats to you. Though not a Pakistani but I believe this is really great. Don’t be disheartened by some criticism by some quarters.

    Remember no one hits a dead body. You people have made waves thats why it is paining some vested interests.

    It would be too dangerous to leave control of our social networking in the hands of one 26 year old Zukerberg, known to be a hacker and a stealer of his senior’s ideas.

    Finally well done and thanks for providing this platform

  3. Hi Mr. Meer,
    Though I don’t like the idea of a seaprate Muslim network but I agree that Fb did wrong. And I cannot help but appreciate how beautifully you have taken it forward. Please tell me how would non-muslims be treated in this MFB

    • Thanks Mr. Raj.

      As stated numerous times before, decent and sensible people of all faith are invited to interact and socialise in harmony. I hope this would be a very fulfilling experience for yourself and you would come to know the realities about Muslims and Tolerance, unlike what come of the biased media propogates.

  4. Assalam O Alikum

    You and your team have done a great and We will win with Allah’s help INSHAllah.

    I just want to tell you that everyone in my family appreciate and pray for you. Please keep up the good work.

  5. It would be great to see this and the time is just not passing.

    Another MFB milestone. Long live muslims long live MFB

  6. Congratulations – you did it!
    This calls for a celebration!!!!
    Wishing you luck & success…
    In all that you do!!

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