MFB, ISLAM & MUSLIMS ………… An Interview with Hindustan Times …… Part 5 of 5

Below is the 5th and final part of the interview with Mr. Gautam Chikermane, Executive Editor, Hindustan Times

Answer to Q 15 – Continued:

Mark’s PAIN:

Impact on FB:

  • Mark’s FB was growing at 10.27% 3 months ago
  • After their Backing and support of the Caricatures and the launch of MILLATFACEBOOK.COM, this dropped to 2.05% in the past month
  • With Millat’s rising popularity, FB’s growth has plummeted to 0.8% in the last 7 Days.
  • The result is a decline from a 10.27% growth to the level of 0.8% ONLY. This is over 92% fall in their Growth and a SERIOUS KICK which has resulted in several explicit and not-so-explicit attacks by Facebook and its associates to try to stop MFB.

FB and its supporter’s attempts to stop MFB:

  • Constant DDOS Attacks on Millat including from Israeli and CIA owned IP’s (YES ……… We have the IP’s logged and have the proofs)
  • Subversion Attacks on Millat
  • False Rumor Mills
  • Personal Threats to the Millat Administration
  • FB’s partnership with Yahoo resulting in YAHOO refusing to deliver any emails containing our website address (YAHOO and FB recently entered in a business deal and this explains YAHOO’s actions to help FB)
  • Yahoo Mail is BLOCKING MFB emails ………………….. Yahoo is blocking our emails stating that “your website contain offensive content”.
  • This is very strange that Mark’s Facebook which allows and supports RIDICULE of Holy Prophet (SAWW) is not objectionable to them but Millat Facebook  which prohibits the ridicule of any faith and offers a very decent environment is” Objectionable………….
  • When asked specifically what is “Objectionable” Yahoo REFUSED to specify saying they “cannot disclose” as per their “policy”.
  • So is it objectionable because is by Muslims and is uniting Muslims as well as all decent people from all faiths on one platform?

16. Who is funding this venture?

Being a Muslim it’s our faith that Allah Almighty is funding it. And Global IT Vision (Pvt) Ltd is honored to be the initial source for this.

17. What is the current valuation of Millat Facebook?

One can estimate the value of Millat Facebook based on its current ranking of 18,860th amongst OVER 6 BILLION websites globally in just 2 weeks as per Alexa. In Pakistan it is now ranked at 186th, 359th in Indonesia 490th in Malaysia, 524th in Bangladesh and 6,872nd in India amongst the millions of websites in each of these countries, again all this in just approximately 2 weeks.

18. What is your exit strategy?  &  19. Do you have an IPO in mind?

  • We don’t have any such intention at the moment as it was not a business venture.
  • So the question of an exit strategy doesn’t arise.
  • The purpose is to create a platform as mentioned before.
  • I’d like to share with you a very interesting incident from the Islamic history.
  • Once the Prophet (Saww) went to one of his Sahabi’s (companion’s) house. He saw a ventilator there and asked why it was made. The reply came so that the air and sunlight can pass through.
  • The Prophet (Saww) said to the nearest effect that had you INTENDED that this would let the sound of Azan (call to prayer) come through, the light and air would still come through, but you would have been rewarded for your intention till this ventilator is there.

The purpose is to express how important intention is. However to survive and grow this venture we would certainly welcome the support, contributions and associations by all.

Profiteering is not the objective rather the aim is to provide a platform for all muslims as weall as decent people of all faiths to come together in a decent enviornment without any fear of been ridiculed or directed hatred at. Also we want to send a message to FB and its zionist owner Mark Zukerberg that you cannot continue your hate-mongering, Islamophobic and Hypocritical policies unchecked. You cannot earn profits from us while ridiculising our faith and values.

And Finally our message to the world is that:

Yes,we are Muslims, Ambassadors of Peace and we are NOT terrorists.

6 thoughts on “MFB, ISLAM & MUSLIMS ………… An Interview with Hindustan Times …… Part 5 of 5

  1. Assalamu’alaikum Mr.Omer

    I ask permission from you, I have translated this interview into Indonesian for Indonesian Muslims who do not understand English can understand in my wordpress blog, I hope you do not mind.

    This is my wordpress :

    And I’m an mfb user (since June 4 th,2010).

    Yours sincerely,Wasalamu’alaikum….

    • AoA Zulfiah,
      Thanks for your message. Your MFB is doing Hijrat. Our ISP in the USA was blocking our service due to pressure from Mark’s FB without any reason and also our Indonesian Brotheren were having doubts due to the servers been in USA.

      We are therefore migrating to any Islamic country, if they can provide a stable network else to Russian and China where FB cannot use its evil strategies and bully our ISP.

      Please be patient as your MFB will be back soon and we will not surrender to the bullying of FB and its allies. Together we will show the world that we CAN and WILL Win (InshAllah).

  2. Asslam O Alikum!
    We all memebers of MFB with you and your team in any condition.
    We pray for you and MFB that may ALLAH help you in this trouble and show the way thay you solve this problem.
    Take a lot of care

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