MFB, ISLAM & MUSLIMS …. Interview with Hindustan Times … Part 3 of 5

Below is the 3rd part of the interview with the Mr. Gautam Chikermane, Executive Editor of Hindustan Times.

9. What will you do if a Draw Mohammed page is created on Millat Facebook?

Unlike FB, we take strict action against attacks not just on Islam but defamation of any religion or other violations of decency.

As soon as such things are reported,

  • Not only are the offending pages removed
  • but the account of the offender is terminated and
  • furthermore the offender’s IP is permanently blocked to stop them from accessing the site again, easily.

This is totally opposite to Facebook whose administration instead of taking any positive action, backup and encourages such ridicule as long as it is not directed at Israel or Holocaust or let me be more direct to say as long as it is directed against Islam, a religion they seem to have some issues with.

10. Who will define who a “sweet” person from other religions is?

  • No-one needs to, as it is already defined by the socially accepted norms.
  • All the things a decent person would not do in real life should also not be done sitting behind a computer.
  • Islam has a fundamental principle that asks humans to treat their fellow humans just the way they would like to be treated themselves.
  • Therefore we all should exercise our freedoms with care, consideration and concern for our fellow human beings. Freedom is not and therefore should not become assault.

11. Why is Islam perceived as a violent religion?

  • Put simply Branding Problem.
  • Unfortunately Islam falls on the wrong side of the new world order.
  • The power in the New World Order and the control of Global Media resides with the Anti-Muslim lobbies, who consider Islam their natural adversary.
  • On one hand they commit atrocities against Muslims be it in Chechnya, Palestine, Kashmir, Afghanistan, Iraq, Burma, etc. While on the other hand the ruling elite in the Islamic countries are acting as poodles to these forces.
  • Now in all societies there are some reactionary forces who want to answer the atrocities in the language of power. Majority is not with them but they still are a reality.
  • Even before Independence, in the Sub-continent India Subhash Chander Bhos and Bhagant Singh were there, who according to present definition and even back than were labeled terrorists.
  • The majority of people were with Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Mr. Gandhi but Mr. Bhos and Singh were also a reality who wanted to answer fire with fire.

Some prime example of the bias, prejudice and propaganda against Muslims is evident from the facts that:

  • the IRA blasts were not labeled Christian Terrorism,
  • the incidents in Sri-Lanka are not called Buddhist Terrorism,
  • the Melagaon blasts, Samjhota Express Massacre or the Gujrat massacre of Muslims are Not termed Hindu terrorism,
  • the Israeli atrocities and attacks on civilian peace activists in International waters are not referred to as Zionist terrorism
  • but if any such incident involves a Muslim of ANY COUNTRY even the country becomes irrelevant, they are just branded as Muslim Terrorists …. Why?.


  • On one hand Indian Bombs were not labeled “Hindu Bombs”
  • Nor were Israeli Atomic bombs were called “Zionist Bombs”
  • American Nuclear Bombs were certainly never referred to as “Christian Bombs”
  • What’s more, even the Soviet or Chinese Bombs were NEVER called “Communist Bombs”.
  • But Pakistan’s Atomic Bombs were labeled “Islamic Bombs” by these same forces pursuing the Zionist agenda which deem Islam as its natural adversary, in the name of the New World Order.

So I hope these examples clarify how the smear and propaganda campaigns are consistently carried out to portray Muslims in a particular way and brand them as the outcasts to achieve the evil designs against them under the new world order.

As for the Islamic concept of Jihad which is normally wrongly associated with violence, we need to bring forward the true voice of Islam.

  • It is essentially a concept of self-defense NOT aggression, which is justified by all international laws and standards.
  • Jihad says that if you, your family or community is attacked than defend yourselves
  • but even in this defense DO NOT harm any innocent, women, child or elderly
  • and it goes to the extent to prohibit even any unnecessary harm to the nature or infrastructures.

Furthermore if someone tries to abuse the name of a religion you cannot blame that religion for it. Just like because of the IRA blasts or Gujrat Massacre of Muslims I cannot say that Christianity or Hinduism are very violent religions, the same is also true for Islam.

To sum it up this is a totally wrong and well-crafted perception which has nothing to do with reality. No other religion in the world is more tolerant than Islam. Not Christianity, not Judaism nor even the system of Communism was.

Islam, infact is the ONLY religion in the world to say that the killing of even a SINGLE innocent person is like killing the whole of humanity and Islam in itself means Peace (derived from Salam).


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