MFB, ISLAM and MUSLIMS …… An Interview with Hindustan Times …. Part 2 of 5

Part 2 of the interview with Mr. Gautam Chikermane, Ex. Editor Hindustan Time

5. Aren’t you capitalising on Islam-under-attack rhetoric?

  • No absolutely Not.
  • In Islam the most important thing is the Intention.
  • Even if one just makes an intention to do some good deed and even though they may than not be able to do it for some reason, they would still be rewarded for their good intention.
  • Our intention, as explained before is to lodge our protest in a positive and practical way, make an example out of the indecent and hypocritical FB and provide an alternate to decent people of all faiths specially Muslims.

And even in material terms we are pouring in our resources on this venture without any expectations of returns whatsoever. If there maybe any future returns, so be it but that is neither the reason nor the prime objective.

6. Should all Muslims leave Facebook and join Millat Facebook?

Yes, ofcourse No doubt about it. And not only just Muslims all the decent people of all faiths should. Let me explain you:

Whichever way you look at it be it from Islamic perspective, legally, socially or ethically it’s not possible for a decent person to find any reason to remain associated with a hate-mongering, Islamophobic and fascist FB.


  • Islam RESPECTS all the Prophets and the Holy Books.
  • It is ordered not to defame the God’s of ANY religion
  • Islam tolerates the criticism on Islam and discusses any objections.
  • But as far as any ridicule of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is concerned, the rule is clear ……. FINISH OFF THE “FITNAH” (Cause of unrest) ………………..
  • It is a long reasoning as to the reasons for the order, which are beyond the scope of this discussion.


  • In all international laws there are defamation clauses.
  • No-one has a right to defame anyone on the pretext of Freedom of expression.
  • Than how can defaming the most revered personality for over 25% of the population of the world all over the globe, be termed legal in any way, whatsoever?


  • If our Mum/Dad and/or entire family is ridiculed, abused and their defamatory and dirty pictures are posted by a large store REGULARLY, WOULD WE EVER GO THERE??  ……..  NO ……. No decent person would ever go there.
  • Would any of us visit a place known to promote social unrest and/or racism directed at any community? Again No ……… no decent person would.
  • Prophet Muhammad (Saww) is more than the families and their own lives for over 1.57 Billion Muslims around the globe.


  • Would one ever go to or let their loved ones go to a place that is known to be abusive and involved in Hate-Campaigns? ……………NO. None of us would.
  • How can we than even think of going to or supporting the HATE-MONGERING and RACIST FB???????

7. What is the revenue model of this website?

  • Basically the objective is to provide a platform for decent people of all faiths, to come together and interact in a way that is socially responsible.
  • It’s not created for profiteering but in future different income streams may start to help support and grow the venture.
  • But that is certainly NOT the primary objective.

8. Is Islam truly under attack?

Let’s take a deep breath and honestly analyze the situation around the world.

  • Starting from been considered a natural adversary by the forces of the NEW WORLD ORDER to the need to capture vital resources and paths which are under Muslim rule, by those same forces of the order, it is all clear for those wanting to see.
  • Take a look across the globe, be it Palestine, Chechnya, Kashmir, Burma, Afghanistan, Iraq, e.t.c, it is the Muslims at the receiving end of the atrocities.
  • Islamic faith has been prosecuted and a campaign of smear and propaganda has been carried out against it. This will be discussed in more details in my answer to question 11.

West had been accused of many massacres and Holocaust. Isn’t it another Holocaust in the making, this time directed at Muslims? ……. The signs are the same.

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