Millat FaceBook …… An Introduction to a new Phenomenon Making Waves


Its been run without any profiteering and for the sake of uniting the 1.6 Billion muslims as well as decent and open-minded people from all faiths and is already a HIT  (Alhamdulillah).

Despite several covert and open attacks ranging from DDOS attacks to subversion and propaganda tactics as well as pressurizing the backend service providers and even going into deals with YAHOO, Mark Zukerberg’s FB, fearing competition from YOUR MFB has tried it all but they haven’t been able to break our resolve. On the contrary YOUR MFB has been getting stronger by every passing day.

While on the first day of its launch a USA NGO funded Pakistani online newspaper (which is affiliated with the Internation Heral Tribune (owned by Zionists) tried to give it a crushing review everyone is now amazed with the results.

Some Key Stats (Last update on 10th August 2010):

a) Exponential Growth:

MFB –  ( In 11 days – Over 250,000 Members ) and Over 415,000 Members as of 10th August 2010 despite all the attacks and subversion tactics
3000 users of FB in its ENTIRE FIRST MONTH

b) World Ranking:
Alexa Ranking     11,010th site in terms of traffic out of over 6 BILLION WEBSITES despite all the attacks faced by YOUR MFB


Following the blasphemous events of Draw Muhammad PBUH Day and the announcement to “celebrate” a Show Muhamamd (PBUH) Day (Nauzbillah), many people registered their protests in different ways.

Facebook stubbornly and hypocritically instead of removing the offending page in violation of its guidelines came out in the open saying that it was fully supporting them in the name of freedom of expression. Strange that the same FB admin would remove any material questioning Holocaust or Israeli atrocities or for that matter even racism (which we fully support). It seems FB (owned by the Zionist Mark Zukerberg has some issues with Islam) and is following Islamophobic agenda.

While campaigning for a total and permanent boycott of FB, several friends asked for a viable alternative. Alhamdulillah by associating with a reputable IT company and Lawyers Bodies we’ve been able to provide just that.

International Media:

It has been hailed in the international media as a serious threat to FB as well as a positive answer thereby improving the image of Muslims and Pakistanis.




AFP (one of the world’s largest news agencies),

ABNA (News Agency).






Several international news sites,

Blogs and newspapers, e.t.c.

have reported this and overall hailed as a brave and unique step which poses a serious threat to FB ……..a REAL alternate ………….      WWW.MILLATFACEBOOK.COM (MFB)

Extracts from Radio Netherlands Worldwide broadcast:

Pakistan launches Facebook for the faithful

MFB’s Objective: –               Yes it is PRIMARILY for MUSLIMS but decent PEOPLE FROM ALL FAITHS are WELCOME just like a Masjid is primarily for Muslims but anyone wishing to Worship God (Allah) can come there,

“Basically the objective is to provide a platform for all people, not only Muslims, but nice and decent people of all faiths, to come together and interact in a way that is socially responsible by providing them all the freedom of expression, however respecting each others’ sensitivities and faiths. [Facebook] seems to allow mockery of religions it has an issue with… The caricatures of the prophet Mohammed were uploaded, and instead of taking any consideration and action, they came out and said they were supporting it.”

Freedom of Speech and Expression:

“I would like to say we should all express our freedom and rights with sensibility and care and consideration for our fellow human beings. My freedom shouldn’t mean that I go out on the street and start hitting my neighbour every day and say ‘that’s my freedom’. As for all internationally accepted laws and regulations, the freedom of a person ends where the freedom of another person starts. So why is it that when it comes to the Holocaust, or racism, this rule is respected, but when it comes to the Muslim faith, it’s not? Is it the new Holocaust for Muslims in the making?”


We’ve provided an alternate platform with all the necessities and much more which is already been joined and successfully used by over 160,000 members in just 8 days. The environment is one of tolerance and respect.

All the Muslims and Decent people of all faiths now have the option to and are requested to join in to show that Humanity is above all and no institution should indulge in hate-campaigns or back them just because they think they don’t have any competition.

Kind Regards,

Omer Zaheer Meer
ACCA (UK), BSc (Hons) (UK), CAT (UK), Adv. Financial Diploma (UK), Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (UK) & Certified CSM (LCCI & SMEDA – PAK)

Professional Associations:


8 thoughts on “Millat FaceBook …… An Introduction to a new Phenomenon Making Waves

  1. Hello, I like your website. This is a good site and I wanted to post a comment to let you know, great job! Thanks Amy

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  4. selamün aleyküm. Do not worry about those who believe in Allah and are steadfast. Surely the unjust shall perish. Let God be your help. Note that in Turkey you ….:)) Your brothers from Turkey Passive …

  5. assalam u alikum,omer bhai i m a registered user of millatfacebook and i m from karachi, pakistan.

    omer bhai don’t worry the 415,000. soldiers are with u to face every thing.may allah give u regards and make millatfacebook the no 1.leading social networking site in the world,Ameen.

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