Mr. Tahir Nadeem’s reply to an article against MFB in a foreign funded Pakistani Online newspaper

To fill column inches perhaps this is how desperate a nascent daily can get. Why else would it allow for this nonsense to filter through its editorial sieve! I have edited five publications in my lifetime and have had the misfortune to go word by word through a lot of nonsense put on my desk under ‘reviews’.

But let me tell you that this piece really takes the cake. More than the hack who conjured this masterpiece however, I hold responsible the Editor who failed to see the shallowness of its content. MillatFacebook is NOT your everyday social networking site launched after months of deliberation to compete with a billion dollar networking portal…it was a knee-jerk reaction by a handful of Pakistanis to what they saw was the unrelenting audacity of Facebook. It could not and by definition should not have been reviewed for its style and grammar and other fine points. It’s like reviewing a wartime shelter and criticizing it for not having carpeted floors and crystal chandelier.

The site is more of a phenomenon and the review should have concentrated on the endeavor in its cultural and geopolitical contexts. It is in those contexts that the phenomenon can truly be judged and wherein it has gained enough popularity to have the hack of this review eat his words. Facebook when launched garnered the registration of about half the undergraduate population at Harvard within the first month … which would mean around 3000 roughly. MillatFacebook has managed to attract more than 90,000 users in that time period.

That in itself is enough accomplishment to win Omer Zaheer, Arslan Chaudhry and their four IT colleagues a standing ovation. So, dear Editor, get your hacks to work harder on their pieces because some of us out here are actually reading in between the lines.

4 thoughts on “Mr. Tahir Nadeem’s reply to an article against MFB in a foreign funded Pakistani Online newspaper

  1. Omer Bhai,
    Can U dedicate a little space for all the people of not only Pakistan but for all the Muslims, who want Insaf in every aspect of life. First start by Insaf in Pakistan, but please do not allow any insaf activist or any other person to use obscene language against any political or non political person, as that is against the teachings of Islam. Allow their only healthy criticism, but at the same time, promote PTI and any other force which is talking about Insaf and seems truly an insaf Pasand party.

    So far Imran Khan’s way of politics is non-violent, peaceful and getting along with the way our great Quaid-e-Azam showed to this nation.

    Obscene, inappropriate and unethical words should not allow on that dedicated space against the politician we do not agree.

    I would say that you can win the hearts of the workers of PML (N), PML (Q), PPP, ANP and MQM only by using the language of love and showing respect to their leaders, but you would never win them by using inappropriate language or hatred.
    If we stop using these poor techniques which by the way puts us in the same level as every other party is. They do not tolerate others and always make fun of each other.

    PTIans should have some standard which would convince the people of Pakistan that ” yes, PTI and its workers are the real followers of Jinnah and Iqbal and we finally have some party which should lead this country with all those principals which at the moment we see only in books or speeches but never observed them in practical life after Jinnah’s death.

    I urge the whole PTIans and all Pakistanis and all Muslims to join millatfacebook and strengthen the hands of Mr. Omer in his struggle.

    All PTIans should use this platform to convince the people of Pakistan about the true leadership and the solution to all the burning issues our beloved country is facing.

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