UK – Electoral History Made

Following the general elections on May, 6,  2010 history has been made in the UK.

For the first time in decades a hung parliament is now very much a reality, with the Conservatives leading but not with enough majority to form a government.

It was a big shock for the Liberal Democrats though, who following the TV debates were terming it as a two-horse race, them and conservatives. However despite coming at 3rd place, they are in the position to play the kingmaker’s role unless, owing to some extraordinary and highly improbable deal between Labour and Conservative, they are forced to sit in the opposition.

However, currently, Labour and Lib Democrats combined don’t have enough seats to form a working majority.

The BBC’s Political Editor Nick Robinson says one possible bloc that could emerge would be Labour, the Liberal Democrats and two Northern Ireland parties – the SDLP and Alliance.

Despite whatever people say, it should be taken as a surprisingly good result for Brown and Labour as they did not succumb to the sort of annihilation some quarters were predicting but are rather still in with a distant chance to form a government, though they lost the moral authority to do so……………………………………….  But than again, politics and absolute morality are not the best of companions.

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