Finance Ministry of Pakistan – Applications Invited

It is ironic that no leading political party has a properly drawn up financial plan re Pakistan’s future. Even more troubling is the fact that almost all of them lack adequately qualified people for the job in their parties. Those who do have someone still don’t have any idea how to fend off the economic challenges facing Pakistan.

Perhaps it would be better if they give some thought to this important area and prepare some ground work to help them if and when they come to power. Otherwise the economic disasters of last two decades are in front of us as well as the fact that the current Federal Government doesn’t have a single person for the job in their supposedly largest political party of Pakistan.

Even troubling is the information doing rounds in the power corridors of Islamabad that the last Finance Minister Mr. Shaukat Tarain resigned due to governmental pressures to allow alleged corruption and kickbacks, which he objected to. The situation was further worsened by a lack of political will to take steps for the re-haul of the economy. The stated reason for resignation was to given time to his personal business though.

Perhaps, its high time to do some badly needed strategic examination.

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