Six Vital Leadership Qualities – Summary Outline

a). Self-Mastery: maximizing personal potential.

  • The keys to sustaining credibility, even in the face of skepticism.
  • Identifying and using the power of shared values.
  • The most overlooked factor in professional growth and how you can use it right away.

b). Stewardship: the strategic deployment of resources.

  • The leader’s only three resources: everyone has them but leaders make history with them.
  • Developing the power of focus.
  • Creating shared focus, taking your followers along with you.

c). Visionary: creating the future.

  • Developing a forward agenda: leave mere goals behind with this little-known tool.
  • How to go from being creative to innovative.
  • The risk myth: how leaders handle risk differently than assumed.

d). Persuasive Communication: selling the vision.

  • Helping others see the vision with clear communication.
  • Three keys to persuasion: without these, you’re just telling instead of selling.
  • Fostering positive discontent for positive results.

e). Teamwork: enabling followers to fully cooperate and collaborate.

  • The power strategy for developing a team of leaders.
  • The importance of shared respect.
  • A blueprint for making teamwork work.

f). Service: Fulfilment through contribution.

  • How to get and stay motivated when you’re the motivator.
  • Knowing when the price you pay is too high, and what to do about it.
  • The six most common reasons why leaders fail, and how you can keep them from side-lining you.

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