Hello all,

It’s always nice to come back to one’s home after long, tiring but fruitful and positive journeys. So no exceptions in this regard ………

Here I’d like to share the interesting points of the trips which would be of interest and touch a chord with the readers. The trip involved meetings and interactions with a variety of institutions and people ranging from foreign diplomats (to win over friends for Pakistan) to holding discussions with senior government officers to even interacting with ordinary Pakistanis on the street.

It was surely a humbling experience to see the who’s who of the powerful administration operating from the Red Zone of Islamabad, which they perhaps can justify on the basis of the security situations.

The interesting change was the understanding and ready to listen senior bureaucrats. This was a revelation I must admit quite contrary to the stereotypes in the public mindset.

Islamabad is still 100 km outside Pakistan though it’s coming closer. Even in the situation we are facing nowadays, there are both opportunities and corridors of hope.

More on this later, for now our heartily condolences to all those affected by the savage attacks in Karachi.


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